Gwen Stefani Says Goodbye, Wants ‘Quality’ In Her Life

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Gwen Stefani said goodbye. She admitted she wants “quality” in her life as she gets older. The singer is venturing outside of her comfort zone. She showed off a shocking new look for the cover of LuisaViaRoma’s Fall/Winter 2022 issue.

On the front of the magazine, Gwen has fans doing a double take as her usual platinum blonde hair appears silvery-white. She holds a microphone as she puckers up with nude lips and matching eyeshadow. The Voice coach wears a black sheer top underneath a black sequined bustier.

In her cover story, the singer said she’s breaking up with her signature red lipstick. She talks about the success of her makeup brand and what she plans to do next. Read on to learn more and to see her new look.

Gwen Stefani Ditches Red Lipstick [Gwen Stefani | Instagram]
[Gwen Stefani | Instagram]

Gwen Stefani gives glimpse at her new look

In time for the return of The Voice, the No Doubt singer showed off a daring new look. She admitted that she wants to experiment with different looks. Gwen’s become known for her signature red lipstick. However, she’s embracing the lighter side lately.

She started to move away from her ruby red lipstick. The “Slow Clap” singer wants to experiment with lighter shades that she was afraid to try. At her age, she feels it’s all about quality than quantity. Gwen plays up her natural beauty in the accompanying photoshoot.

“I just want to look as good as I can at any age, like we all do, and share that quality makeup truly does make a difference in how you feel,” Gwen Stefani told LVR Magazine. “The magic is in the makeup.”

Gwen explained her relationship with makeup. She admits it boosts her self-esteem and helps her transform into another persona. This is important every time she performs on stage. The 52-year-old also shared her top skincare secret. Aside from diet and exercise, the key to her ageless look is moisturizer.

“I like my skin to look super dewy,” Gwen Stefani shared. “I use the GXVE All Time Prime face oil because it helps give your skin a youthful, moist glow.”

The Voice coach talks about her GXVE Beauty brand

In March 2022, Gwen Stefani launched her GXVE Beauty brand. She admits that it was a long time coming. Her obsession with makeup and her beauty journey is what led to the successful brand. Her inspiration was to help others feel good about themselves.

Gwen’s love of beauty goes all the way back. She even had a brief collaboration with Urban Decay and her iconic L.A.M.B. fashion collection. The singer had to do it herself for her Met Gala look back in May. She enjoys creating looks, whether it has to do with beauty or fashion. She’s learned to embrace her “feminine” side, especially when she met her husband Blake Shelton.

Gwen Stefani Plays Around With New Look [Gwen Stefani | Instagram]
[Gwen Stefani | Instagram]
What are your thoughts on Gwen Stefani’s new look? Do you like it? Or, do you like her signature red lipstick? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. While the red was always beautiful on you.
    This new look with the lighter neutral lipstick enhances your natural beauty and you look so elegant.

  2. While the red was always beautiful on you.
    This new look with the lighter neutral lipstick enhances your natural beauty and you look so elegant.

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