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Amy Roloff Shows Off Gorgeous New Hair

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Amy Roloff shared a cooking video yesterday that featured her embracing the challenge of not being able to decide between baking a pie or some cookies. In her caption, she admitted that she never understood the pressure to choose when she felt the desire to bake or cook two different things. Wanting cookies and pie, Amy Roloff found a way to blend them together into a truly delicious recipe.

She explained: “Sometimes you can’t decide whether you want a cookie or a piece of pie. So why not have something that’s a combination of both?! These Blueberry Crumble Bars are just that.”

In the comments of her Instagram video, however, it wasn’t her tasting fusion treat that had her followers talking. LPBW fans admit they were a bit distracted by the new hairstyle she was sporting in the video. Fans felt like Amy Roloff’s new hair was a whole vibe and they were here for it.

Amy Roloff - Instagram
Amy Roloff – Instagram

Amy Roloff explains her tasty treat

The Little People, Big World star made a point to clarify that using blueberries as the fruit in her crumble bars was a personal choice. It, however, would be easy for her followers to substitute if they preferred peaches, apples, or some other type of fruit. Amy proceeded to describe this treat in the caption of her video in a way that left her followers drooling.

“The blueberries are a perfect burst of sweetness and tartness and the crumble adds just the right amount of crunch.” She penned in her caption as she described her tasty treat. The post came equipped with a 13-minute video of her explaining the steps to make this tasty cookie and pie combination.

Amy Roloff Instagram
Amy Roloff Instagram

LPBW fans couldn’t see past her new hair

It is pretty normal for the comments on Amy Roloff’s cooking videos to talk about anything but her cooking. Sadly, fans often use the comment section to pick at Amy Roloff and her cooking skills. In the comments of this video, however, fans admit they were distracted by her gorgeous new hair. Here’s what some fans had to say about it:

  • “Yum! Love your hair like this.”
  • “Love your hair like that Amy! So cute!!”
  • “Your hair is gorgeous!”
  • “Hair looks so cute.”
  • Amy Roloff - Hair - Insta

Responding to the comments praising Amy’s new curly hair, there was a blend of positive and negative comments. One fan noted that “bangs were so last year.” Another, however, agreed that Amy looked adorable.

Checking out the video on Instagram, fans agree it doesn’t appear that Amy has done anything to cut or trim her hair. She just decided to style it with some gorgeous curls. What do you think of Amy’s new hair? Let us know in the comments!


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