‘AGT’ Star Matt Gilbertson Lands In The ER With Spinal Injuries

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Australian cabaret star, Matt Gilbertson, who rose to fame with his stint in America’s Got Talent, recently had a massive accident while performing on a stage on a European cruise. The AGT quarterfinalist, who performs under his alter ego, Hans, fell from the stage and suffered numerous injuries. The entertainer was on a tour with Atlantis Events.

AGT Star Matt Gilbertson Shifted To London For Treatment

He was airlifted from Turkey to London for treatment after his 13 feet fall into the orchestra pit during his August 25 performance. Soon after the incident, Hans took to his Instagram and Facebook accounts to update fans on his health. He posted a video of an emergency crew at the scene tending to the star.

Matt Gilbertson AGT YouTube

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He captioned the video, “Darlings. Some of you have reached out to me on socials and while I don’t want to alarm anyone, I do want to let everyone know what’s happened.”

“On Thursday night I was involved in an incident on stage while performing on a ship in Europe that saw me falling 4 meters into an orchestra pit. It’s resulted in a shattered foot and some slight spinal damage. At this stage, the spine looks manageable but I will require extensive surgery on my right foot,” he elaborated.

Matt Gilbertson Cancels His Upcoming Performance At Broken Heel

He further explained in the post that the situation isn’t ideal but could have been worse. The Australian native informed that he was airlifted from London to Turkey. He also thanked his insurance company for their swift assistance.

AGT Matt Gilbertson YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

This unfortunate accident means the star won’t be able to perform at Broken Heel. His performance was scheduled for the next week.

As per PopCulture, Hans rose to fame following his appearance on America’s Got Talent. He first appeared on Season 13 of the talent competition. His audition of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary while dancing and playing the accordion bagged him a yes from the judges Mel B, Howie, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell.

However, the performance that secured him a spot in the quarterfinals was dancing to Its Raining Men. Unfortunately, he was eliminated from the show during the third week of the quarterfinals. He later returned for America’s Got Talent: The Champions 2. In this competition, he finished in the bottom 5 among the top 10 participants.

AGT Star Has Suffered Injuries In Foot, Ankle, And Spine

Updating on his health, his manager, David Wilson said, “What we are trying to do is get him airlifted by air ambulance out of Turkey and into London, where he can get the proper care and surgery that he’s going to need.”

Matt Gilbertson AGT YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“It’s a very delicate operation, a very complicated kind of operation. The injuries he sustained that we know of at the moment… is that it’s a shattered foot and ankle and a number of … fractures to the spine. Both the attending doctor in Turkey needs to sign off that he is fit to fly. And there won’t be any complications while he is in a jet for a number of hours while in altitude. And the receiving doctor needs to sign off and confirm that he will accept the patient on arrival and put him straight into care there,” he further explained.

However, the team was successful in airlifting the performer and any further shows are now on standby. As of now, there is no update on the AGT star’s recovery duration.

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