‘Unexpected’ Myrka Cantu Accidentally Leaks Gender of Baby #2?

Unexpected/YouTube/Myrka Cantu

Former Unexpected star Myrka Cantu recently revealed she is expecting baby number two. This time around, she is thrilled with her partner. Therefore, she seems a little more ready and excited about what is happening. The other day, she shared that she was getting ready for a gender reveal. However, it was going to remain private. Unfortunately, the best-laid plans do not always work out and Myrka is learning that the hard way.

An Unexpected Alum’s Second Baby, What Is It?

Myrka already has a baby girl named Attalie. She is primarily responsible for the little one as she has struggled with Attalie’s father, Ethan Ybarra. He is currently expecting another baby, as well. Due to his inability to be there for his first baby, Ethan has been ripped apart by both Myrka and her mother. Then, in late July, Myrka shared she was expecting her second child with her social media followers. At that point, she was roughly fifteen weeks along.

The other day, she shared a video on TikTok that she would find out the gender that day. Fans and followers all wanted to know what she was having but it was tight-lipped. Then, it came out that she had accidentally let it slip on an Instagram live. Her IG has since been wiped clean with just her stories active. Those who caught the live took to Reddit to share the news and it is another GIRL.

Another Girl

As for the gender, the former Unexpected star made a snafu while she was on Instagram live. Of course, her fans were able to catch it and share it. “Its a girl. Someone asked her “have you felt the baby yet” and she had said “yeah ive felt the baby. He (her boyfriend) was able to feel HER (the baby) too” something along those lines. She was upset that she spilled the beans and ended the live,” a Redditor shared. At this point, Myrka has yet to say anything further regarding the baby’s gender. Yet, she does stay active on TikTok making fun and silly videos.

Unexpected/YouTube/Myrka Cantu

It is great to see her in a much better place this time around. During her first pregnancy, her mother was unsupportive of her being a teen mother. Therefore, she moved in with Ethan and his parents who took care of her. Unfortunately, they ended up splitting after Attalie was born and the teen couple was on their own. They, too, broke up and that led to a contentious relationship. Myrka has admitted to suffering from some issues mentally but it appears she is pulling herself together and is doing better than ever.

What do you think of her having another baby? Would you like to see her story play out on another season of Unexpected despite her saying she’d never return? Let us know in the comments below.



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