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‘Sister Wives’ Business Woman Janelle Brown Hiring, For What?

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Sister Wives businesswoman Janelle Brown took to Instagram yesterday to announce that she was hiring. As fans of the TLC series know, Janelle is considered to be the brains of the family by many. Fans believe Kody Brown didn’t marry Janelle for looks or her body, he married her for her mind.

Kody Brown claimed he fancied women with more meat on their bones, but fans suspect he saw Janelle’s intellect as her real benefit. Fans believe he wanted to prosper financially from the success he knew Janelle Brown would have.

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Independent and driven member of the family

Sister Wives fans seriously question if there is even a romantic drip of love between Janelle and Kody Brown. Sure, they had several children together. But, Kody Brown made it very clear in life that he wanted a large clan of children. In fact, the TLC star was a bit bummed when he reached a point where none of his wives could or would produce more children. Some fans even speculate Meri’s struggles with having additional children was the real downfall in their relationship.

Today, Janelle Brown is a strong, independent, and driven woman. Sister Wives fans don’t believe Janelle has a romantic or intimate relationship with Kody. They, however, also don’t think she cares. Unlike Christine, Janelle seems to enjoy the freedom to prosper and make her own decisions. And, fans believe Kody enjoys benefiting financially from Janelle’s brain while spending all of his romantic and intimate time with Robyn.

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During the last season of the show, Janelle Brown also made it crystal clear she would never place more value on Kody than the children they share. Kody was frustrated by this realization, but fans were here for it.

Janelle Brown says she’s hiring, for what?

The Sister Wives star took to Instagram last night to announce that she was hiring. She was looking for “product testers” that were interested in joining her downline. She promised to get them the best deal she could on the weight loss product she was currently taking. Janelle Brown encouraged those interested in working with her and improving their health at the same time to slide into her DMs or to follow her health and wellness page for additional details.

With MLMs and weight loss products being such a controversial topic, Janelle Brown did make the decision to turn her comments off to avoid any backlash or negative comments.

Janelle Brown

Would you like to work with Janelle Brown of Sister Wives? Do you think the product she takes works? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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