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Michael Allio Addresses Why He Went On ‘BIP’

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Michael Allio was a clear front-runner on Katie Thurston’s season. When he left early to be with his son, she had a hard time with it. It became too much to be away from his son. Michael worried about what James might think when he wasn’t there. Recently it became clear Allio would get another chance as the cast of Bachelor in Paradise was announced. Michael took to Instagram to answer questions fans might have for him.

He revealed people had been sending him messages parent-shaming him for wanting to leave his son again. It was evident to the people who watched Katie’s season, that his son means everything to him. Read on to see what he had to say about the shaming and why he chose to go on Bachelor in Paradise.

Michael Allio Still Puts James First

Michael Allio was thinking of his son when he decided to go on Bachelor in Paradise. He said it was only three weeks, so he wouldn’t be away that long. He didn’t want to deal with asking himself what if. Allio revealed he’d received messages asking him how he can abandon his son. Michael said, “he doesn’t want to ever not do something just because he’s scared.”

Michael Allio, Instagram
Michael Allio, Instagram

He told Instagram live he wanted the shaming to stop. Michael said, “a happy parent creates a happy child.” One fan asked if he was more nervous or excited for James to start kindergarten. Allio said that it seems like such a big event it should be shared with someone. He knows his late wife Laura would enjoy the time with them.

When asked if he was nervous about the season airing, he said he kind of was. He said it’s horrifying to see himself on television. A fan asked him something that he struggled with. Michael said he discovered he has a hard time receiving love but has no problem giving it out.

He Thinks His Wife Would Be Proud

Michael Allio revealed what he thought his wife would think of Bachelor in Paradise. He and James lost her to cancer. Michael said he thinks his wife would be proud of him if he could talk to her. He said he’s still fighting and keeping a zest for life. Allio said that’s why she fell in love with him.

Michael Allio, Instagram
Michael Allio, Instagram

He posted a picture of his wife and him on their wedding day telling her happy anniversary a few months ago. Additionally, Allio said, “Happy Anniversary darling. I miss you so much that I’m actually at a loss for words, imagine that.” He revealed the most romantic thing anyone had done for him was his wife arranged for flowers to arrive for Father’s Day after she’d passed away. Allio said the fact she did that while fighting cancer was amazing.

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