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Danielle Busby Opens Up About Plastic Surgeries Done

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OutDaughtered fans have often wondered how Danielle Busby was able to retain her incredible physique after bringing six beautiful girls into the world. Most fans agree the TLC mother must’ve had some cosmetic uplifting at some point in time. Has she ever fessed up to having plastic surgery? Let’s dig into it.

OutDaughtered fans in awe of her perfect figure

It isn’t too much of a stretch to report Danielle Busby has a perfect body. Danielle has a tiny frame, curvaceous hips, and a voluptuous bust. Fans have no idea how she was able to get back to having such an incredible-looking bikini body after carrying five babies in her body at the same time. OutDaughtered fans mostly agree that Danielle must’ve had some sort of plastic surgery to maintain that incredibly hot mom bod.

Now, it goes without saying that fans aren’t being judgmental in assuming Danielle has had some work done. Being a reality TV star, Danielle Busby and her family remain in the spotlight. So, it stands to reason that she’d want to look her best with so many eyes on her.

Most fans admit they really can’t blame her if she actually had some cosmetic work done. In fact, some fans think she should be more open about the supposed work she had done because of how incredible she looks and how successful it was (assuming cosmetic surgery actually happened). Fans believe she’d be doing a real service in revealing where they could go to get such spectacular work done.

Danielle Busby - Adam Busby - Instagram

So, did Danielle Busby ever get plastic surgery?

According to InTouch Weekly, Danielle Busby admitted during a Q&A session on Instagram that fans often ask her if she got a tummy tuck. So, she decided to be open and honest about it. According to the TLC star, she had never had a tummy tuck done. She, however, made it a point to clarify that doesn’t mean she thinks poorly of people who do get cosmetic surgery.

But I would not think any less of someone else wanting to get one. I know the after-body challenges our body faces after going through pregnancy, so if some other mom chose to have a tummy tuck, by all means … you do you.”

For the most part, Danielle Busby relies on intense fitness and dieting to maintain her incredible body. Likewise, fans know she gets a fair amount of exercise just trying to keep up with her six girls. In February of 2022, however, she did fess up to getting a bit of plastic surgery. Danielle explained that she suffered a facial injury when she was just a child. The injury left permanent damage on her lip and she’s always been self-conscious about it. So, she finally decided to bite the bullet and get lip filler.

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OutDaughtered fans loved how honest Danielle Busby was about her cosmetic surgery. And, they were quick to give her own advice back to her “you do you” fans agreed. Back in 2016, Danielle did share how she was able to maintain her figure via a blog post.

During my quintuplet pregnancy, I was ‘doing what I have to for the babies.’ That meant going on a 4,500-calorie diet a day and forgetting everything I learned about eating clean and healthy foods. I had to literally eat my dessert before I could eat the salad on my plate. Though that idea sounds good in theory, in practice, it was exhausting.”

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Overall, it sounds like Danielle Busby has put a lot of time and effort into her body. But, plastic surgery didn’t have anything to do with it (outside of her lip injury). Let us know your thoughts on this info in the comments down below!

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