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’SW’ Fans Wonder Why Janelle Brown Stays With Kody

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Janelle Brown has always been extremely independent. She has never needed a man to help her in any capacity, including financially. Now, with Season 17 of Sister Wives weeks away, fans have many questions for the remaining women. One that they have for second wife, Janelle is why she bothers to stay with her husband, Kody. A thread was actually started regarding this topic and many thoughts came out of it.

Why Does Janelle Brown Stay With Kody?

After nearly thirty years of marriage, Janelle gets very little from her husband, Kody. In fact, all she ever really got was their six kids which some might say is more than enough. However, the plural family has slowly unraveled and she really has no need for him anymore. Clearly, the only reason to stay is for the TLC paycheck. Yet, she has been successful in her own right so is the reality show money worth her dignity?

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A Reddit thread was started with this question: “Why do you think Janelle stays at this point?” Here is what fans had to say:

  • “It’s easier to. I don’t think she cares for Robyn or Meri, but enjoys her friendship with Kody. And she really loves the land they purchased.”
  • “I think she’s just comfortable. She’s very independent so not seeing a husband every day is ok with her.”
  • “Janelle and Meri both stay for the same reasons… the money from the show and because it’s comfortable.”
  • “Comfortability and I think she’s trying to just stick it out at this point”
  • “Low self esteem”

Yes, Janelle really does love their land, Coyote Pass. So much so that she parked an RV there for the summer when her rental was sold. Another person noted that maybe she does not care to find someone else. This is a point former third wife, Christine Brown said on the Season 16 tell-all. She said that Janelle did not need a man to fill her tank which seems to be true.

A Family Crumbling

It is no secret that the Brown family has been crumbling for many years now. Since Season 15, Janelle Brown has been clashing with Kody over how she raised her family. The pandemic was raging on in Flagstaff and Kody had created these extreme pandemic protocols. His fourth wife, Robyn was extremely obedient when it came to following them. First wife, Meri was the same however Janelle and Christine were looked down upon. Kody felt that Christine just did not care and was purely irresponsible. Janelle had two sons living at home who worked and went to school but Kody believed that they were too social. Therefore, he wanted her to evict them.

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She refused as her kids came before a husband and fans respected how firm she was. Janelle stood her ground which was extremely admirable. Furthermore, she was killing the MLM game along with her daughter Maddie as well as Christine. This allowed her to travel and continue to be independent. Since Christine exited the family in 2021, the two have remained very close so many fans have hoped Janelle will see her worth and follow in the same footsteps.

Have you questioned why Janelle Brown stays with Kody? Do you think she should leave? Let us know and watch the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives Sunday, September 11 on TLC.


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  1. I Perhaps she doesn’t want to be completely alone. I don’t think she’s particularly in love with him it’s just easier financially. She’s an adult she can do what she wants,

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