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Misunderstood Kody Brown Needs Love For Intimacy, Not Just Man Meat?

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Is Kody Brown actually misunderstood by Sister Wives fans? The TLC star fights to present a softer side of himself. Kody Brown insists he isn’t just a steamy piece of man meat at the beck and call of his wives. The reality TV star understands that being married to him, his wives have certain expectations in the bedroom. He, however, requires a certain level of trust and love to be intimate with someone. And, he argues this is something he doesn’t currently have with most of his wives.

Kody Brown needs love and trust to be intimate

The TLC star has made it painfully clear he has nothing more than a loving friendship with his wife Meri right now. Kody Brown has explained that Meri violated his trust when she stepped out on him with someone online. While it ended up being a catfish, the situation didn’t make Kody feel any less betrayed. And, he can’t be intimate with someone he doesn’t trust. Making things worse, the TLC star has admitted he’s not even sure there’s a way to repair the damage between him and Meri. So, he isn’t sure they’ll reach a point of being intimate again.

Meri Brown/YouTube
Meri, Kody

Christine Brown blamed for lack of intimacy

Kody Brown also insists that Christine Brown has no one to blame but herself for their lack of intimacy. The TLC star says Christine went behind his back and told her sister wives as well as other family members and friends that she was thinking about leaving Kody. According to Kody, he heard threats and whispers of her plan to leave him for years. Kody explains he was heartbroken. So, he didn’t know how to react when Christine Brown approached him with a desire to be intimate. His gut reaction was to shrug and say he didn’t know.

Talking to the camera privately, Kody explains that he didn’t know how to be intimate with someone he couldn’t trust, and that had broken his heart. Kody continued to explain that Christine could have just come to him and talked honestly about her thoughts of leaving. She, however, didn’t do that. She never gave them a chance to work through the problems together. And, he admits he couldn’t wrap his mind around being intimate with her because of it.

Kody Brown from TLC

Overall, Kody Brown seemingly wants people to know he’s just understood. He’s a lot softer than he seems. And, he just wants some love and trust from his wives.

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