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Fans Snap At Kim Kardashian After She Forgets Her Child?

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It’s not uncommon for Kim Kardashian to get in trouble with fans. However, this time, it seems to be something a bit more serious. Apparently, she forgot her child and fans are less than impressed.

Kim Kardashian gets in trouble

Kim Kardashian is getting scolded by fans for something that happened years ago. According to The SunThe Kardashians star may have intentionally left her daughter in her hotel room. A TikTok account took clips from a Vogue video Kim did where she speaks on the secret to parenting.

In the clip, Kim says that the secret is simply to wing it, which seems to be exactly what she is doing in the clip.

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube

“I would say, you just have to wing it,” Kim states.

However, that’s when things get interesting. After that comment, there’s a clip where Kim abruptly stops getting in a van before and rushing inside. When she comes back out, she has a baby North in her arms. It seems that she may have left her toddler up in the hotel room all by herself.

Fans weigh in on the situation

Of course, the fans and followers were not going to let this video go without a few comments. Some think Kim could’ve left North behind on purpose so that she could be photographed without her baby first.

“I think she wanted pictures taken without North first but at the cost of forever being accused of forgetting her child,” one person says.

They aren’t the only one to think it was on purpose either. Others also thought she left North on purpose. Some think that she may not have realized it was her responsibility to bring the baby out. Instead, she could’ve thought that the nanny would bring her out. Either way, it’s not a great look for The Kardashians star.

  • “She did this on purpose, y’all!”
  • “Kids be so needy. The kid should have been waiting in the car already.”
  • “She did this on purpose, y’all!”
  •  “Maybe Kim thought it was the nanny’s job to bring the kid?”

Kim has yet to comment on this and seeing as it happened so long ago, it doesn’t seem likely she will. Hopefully, she doesn’t continue to leave her children in hotel rooms!

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube

Do you think Kim Kardashian intentionally left her baby in the hotel room? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates on your favorite reality TV family!

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  1. For goodness sake. Leave her (kim) alone! Really?
    Do You really have nothing better to do with your day than meline someone?
    The reason why her child wasn’t with her. Is none of our concern really.
    Stuff happens. It’s part of being a parent. No hidden agendas, or plots that thicken.
    Sometimes it’s just an innocent Oops. Yes, it happens .
    Ever leave a purse, baggage or other item behind in a hotel room or in your home?
    I know, I know..a child?
    Yes..missed communications, can be part of it. However, again ,none of our business.
    How about some real caring, non judgemental attitudes. There is enough back biting in the World.
    We need to learn and be a people of compassion, love, and charity.
    We too often forget that in a need for one to receive charity, there is another suffering.
    Great minds talk about ideas.
    Medium minds talk about events. Small minds talk about people.
    Which would You really like to be known for?

  2. Write about her secret feud with Annie Mesquita, Michael Jackson’s childhood friend who he introduced to Paris Hylton and Amanda Seyfried, among others.

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