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Audrey Roloff In Hot Seat Again, Fans Rip Her ‘Stupid’ Choice

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Audrey Roloff makes a lot of questionable parenting decisions that often results in Little People, Big World fans coming for her. Jeremy Roloff’s wife has recently landed in the hot seat again as fans question her seriously “stupid” decision. What choice did Audrey make that left fans scratching their heads? Are these frustrated fans justified or overreacting? Keep reading for the details.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff pack it up again and again

As fans know, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff recently said goodbye to their home and moved somewhere new. Fans watched them pack up and say goodbye to their home. Immediately after moving, the couple packed it up AGAIN and headed off for a two-week camping trip. Fans were baffled by the bizarre timing of this trip. And, fans were quick to make their thoughts on this bone-headed decision known.

Audrey Roloff Ditches Pants For Outside Playtime
[TLC | YouTube]

TLC personality tries to get relatable

Audrey Roloff took to her Instagram Stories a few times to poke fun at the two-week camping trip being poorly timed. For starters, she noted they were going on a two-week camping trip while trying to potty train Bode. Secondly, they were going on a two-week camping trip immediately after moving.

LPBW fans on Reddit were convinced Audrey was trying to get sympathy for her poor choices. Fans thought it was ridiculous she planned a camping trip immediately after moving. And, they thought it was even dumber she thought going camping was a good idea while potty training Bode.

One fan urged Audrey Roloff to put potty training off for a month because there was no reason to rush into it. Another fan noted she was forcing Bode into an uncomfortable situation. A third individual sarcastically noted potty training outside made perfect sense. Further down in the comments, one fan noted they didn’t believe Audrey had the patience to deal with the accidents that come with potty training. This individual, however, also admitted they were not a parent and had no idea how potty training worked.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

Is Audrey Roloff trying to bite off more than she can chew with potty training and camping immediately after moving? Or, do fans just thrive on giving her a hard time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on LPBW.

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  1. She is a mess. What is more important, all the dumb stuff she does, or her family. Like right now. She is getting attention, that is what she wants. I think it doesn’t matter to her if she is getting bad attention. It is still attention to her. Maybe she needs some counseling and taught home to clean her house. And buy Ember some cloths that fit her.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Who cares about the timing of her camping trip? So what if she is potty training during that time. These aren’t parenting choices that are dangerous. People who are supposedly fans must have nothing better to do than criticize her choices (which again, are not dangerous or all that horrible). I bet nobody criticizing her are perfect parents.

    2. She is a very busy mom. 3 young children. Glad they are living there life there way.Enjoy every minute. What works for you. Don’t be dazed with negativity.

  2. Just because they are public figures it does not give us the right or the okay to tell them how to live their lives. I mean is she seriously doing something that is going to endanger her children or family? No she is not, now let’s remember…let he is without sin, cast the first stone.

  3. Really people ! Let’s nit pick everything she does…… people shouldn’t judge. They are a great family.

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