‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Gets Multiple Honors, Why?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown has openly struggled personally. However, professionally she has been thriving. Not only is her bed and breakfast a success but she is living her best life via LuLaRoe. The mother of one has worked her tail off as a retailer and it has more than paid off. It has not just been a financial win but she has met so many wonderful friends. Now, she is being honored by the company and it has truly lifted her spirits. Read on to find out what she has achieved.

The Sister Wives Star Hits A Milestone

With the new season starting next month, it is hard to maintain optimism. There will be a lot to unpack but Meri seems to be unfazed by it all. She is too busy to get hung up on the drama as she travels with her LuLaRoe crew. As her plural family is hanging by a thread, her work family seems to be tighter than ever. Recently, she traveled to Denver where she had a blast. Prior to that, she went on an adventure where she learned to challenge herself. It was hosted by some of the most amazing people she has ever known. Now, she has something more to celebrate.

Meri took to Instagram to showcase two awards that she received. One was for Top 10 Most New Customers. The other was for Top Ten Most New Onboards. They were both from LuLaRoe and she was gifted them via the mail. In the background, Best Is Yet To Come played. Clearly, she is proud of all of her hard work as she should be. Plus, the plaques do not hurt.

Recognized Is A Self-Esteem Boost

Meri has not had it easy when it comes to other aspects of her life. The Sister Wives star has literally begged her husband, Kody to pay attention to her. She has been deemed desperate by fans who just want her to see her self-worth but she refuses to leave the family. It could be that since she was raised in a plural family that she feels an obligation to stay. On the other hand, she travels so much with work that she has really no need to leave.

Sister Wives/YouTube/Meri Brown

For Season 17, the show will focus on the complete demise of the marriage between Kody, and his third wife, Christine. As the last season showed, Christine had packed up all of his stuff and was ready for it to be over. Now, all of the blanks will be filled in but it is clear that the plural family is continuing to crumble. Thankfully, Meri has her successful businesses to keep her ego boosted and make her feel recognized.

What do you think of her accomplishments? Let us know in the comments and watch the Sister Wives season premiere September 11 on TLC.


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  1. Meri , Why are you still there in that family? You are building them $$$$while they don’t give two shots about you. You can be what ever you want to be. So fly from the ones that are holding you up from have a great life. One with someone else to unconditional loves you for you. God will still love you , done have to live that way to get to heaven or have God’s love. One one in heaven will be any better than the others. So before it’s to late get out of the bondage that still holds you to that family that has no use for you as a human just the 💰💰 you bring in for Robins family. I know you love them deeply but it has to go both ways or you’ll never know the true meaning of a real family. Life is to short so PLEASE go do you girl ☺️

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