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Simon Cowell Facing $1 Million Plus Lawsuit, Bullying Claims

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It is not a good day for Simon Cowell. The America’s Got Talent judge is facing a million-dollar-plus lawsuit from former The X Factor contestants. Technically, it is his company that is under fire but all fingers are pointed at the feisty judge. So, what is being alleged? Read on to find out more.

Simon Cowell & Bullying Allegations

According to The Sun, a handful of former The X Factor contestants are coming out of the woodwork. They have a lot to say about the treatment that they received from Cowell’s company SyCo. As many may know, Cowell created the series, which he also hosted for a time. There are currently a total of six competitors who are ready to fight after they claimed that they had not been treated properly. One is a group while the other five were all solo performers. Now, one is saying that they were “thrown into the world with very little after care.” Yet, it did not stop there.

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“It’s very easy for the public to see us with make-up, beautiful clothes and dry ice floating around. But just moments before stepping on stage many contestants were sleep deprived, in tears and suffering trauma. Lots of contestants are from underprivileged backgrounds so getting on the show was like a winning lottery ticket.” This former contestant went on to say they felt great upon starting the competition but now they are in a mental spiral.

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For the claimant’s part, they are not here with empty words. There is actually concrete evidence and receipts to prove the allegations. This is being filed with a one million dollar plus lawsuit against SyCo. However, it has yet to be filed so there is still time for the company to attempt to settle. But will they?

What Happens Next?

Again, the lawsuit hasn’t been filed against Simon Cowell’s company. The amount of claimants is anticipated to grow according to sources. Whether or not they will come from other shows Cowell has been a part of is anybody’s guess. He was an original judge on American Idol until 2010. That’s when he went to launch The X Factor. Though the current claimants want financial reciprocity for the opportunities they have lost, the show is also speaking out.

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“Welfare of those taking part is our No1 priority and we have robust measures and welfare teams in place to ensure support is always available. We are unaware of any legal claims being filed against The X Factor and despite not being on air for several years, we remain open to discuss concerns with anyone who chooses to do so,” the show stated. In a twist, the Jedward twins claimed that: “Every contestant was a slave to the show and got paid zero while they made millions.”

Time will tell how this impacts both the contestants and Simon Cowell. Do you believe these allegations or are you on the fence about them? Let us know in the comments below.

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