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‘One Piece’: Chapter 1058 Highlights Events After Wano Arc’s End

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One Piece’s Wano Country Arc has finally come to an end after The Straw Hat Pirates, Kid Pirates, & Heart Pirates finally left Wano. They went on their separate ways as revealed in Chapter 1057. But before that, the crew was chased by Wano’s new shogun, Momonosuke, as the pirates almost left without bidding him adieu.

Luffy Snubs Momonosuke’s Request To Stay In Wano Forever

He manages to catch up to Luffy & the other pirates right before they set sail beyond his reach. He also confesses his true feelings & wishes for them to stay with him in Wano forever. As is expected of Luffy, he brushes the shogun’s invitation aside & asks Usopp to give him the Jolly Roger as a gift. As per, Luffy also declares Wano as his territory, hence bringing the country under his protection.

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Afterward, the crew sets sail for the waterfall. After One Piece Chapter 1058 was released for fans, it was revealed that the Straw Hat Pirates have finally returned to the seas. The initial half of the chapter shows Nami beating some sense into Luffy. He apologizes for being a hothead. After this, when Jimbei attempts to aid his captain, the Fishman gets the taste of Nami’s fury.

One Piece’s Luffy Declared As The Emperor In Updated Bounty

Meanwhile, Robin brings in a messenger bird to help him deliver their updated bounty posters. The news also declared Luffy as an Emperor & the captain of a 5600-man grand fleet. On the other hand, other members of the crew are crowned as Luffy’s 9 senior officers. The first one whose bounty was revealed was the ship’s cute pet and doctor. . Obviously, his bounty was the smallest at only 1000 berries. Up next on the list is the ship’s navigator with a bounty worth 366 Million berries. Next on the bounty list is the skeleton musician who was marked at 383 Million berries.

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As compared to the last time, Franky’s bounty has also been increased. It now stands at 394 Million berries. However, the cyborg did have some complaints regarding his wanted poster that featured the Thousand Sunny and not him.

One Piece’s Buggy Begs For His Life Before Crocodile

While this is happening with Luffy’s crew, there is something else happening in another part of the New World. A bunch of mercenaries talks about the latest turn of events. They gossip about Buggy’s survival after the Warlord system was scrapped. However, the sly clown wasn’t necessarily enjoying himself. While the Crocodile questions Buggy about the Cross Guild’s hierarchy, the latter begs for his life promising to do anything in return.

One Piece YouTube

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After more than 1000 manga chapters, One Piece is now in its final saga. It is expected that the final saga will likely last about 5 years. This timeline was provided by Eiichiro Oda himself a few years ago. It means the manga will most likely end by 2027.

While the manga is in its final saga, fans can watch its anime adaptation on Netflix. What do you think Luffy’s future in the manga holds? Will he get to the ultimate prize, the One Piece? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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