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‘My 600-Lb Life’: Most Toxic & Healthiest Couples

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Studded with several twists, drama, and hardships, My 600-Lb Life has been a popular show among TLC fans. While they toil with their weight loss goals, the love lives of these TLC stars tend to get seemingly complicated. After all, being on camera for long hours can take a toll on anyone. But, only a few push through these complications to be dubbed the best and healthiest couple.

So, who are the healthiest and most toxic couples on the TLC show?

My 600-Lb Life Fans Dub Allen & Vianey As The Healthiest Couple

My 600-Lb Life fans took to the Reddit forum to discuss who has the healthiest relationship among these reality show couples and who has the most toxic one!

“Which 600 lb couple seem to have the healthiest relationship across the series? Who do you think has the most toxic?” wrote the OP.

My 600-Lb Life Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

They added, “Just rewatching some old episodes noticing how often the romantic relationships are toxic af (cough Gina and her wife cough). Do any of them have a healthy romantic life?”

Answering the OP’s question, one Reddit user wrote, “As far as the couples go, Allen and Vianey were probably the least dysfunctional one that I can think of.”

My 600-Lb Life Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

Another agreed, “They were literally the sweetest people ever. I wish there were more episodes for folks like them.”

Allen & Vianey Stood By One Another Through Weight Loss 

Although Allen and Vianey’s love for food was toxic and took a toll on their health, their love life was just the opposite. The loving couple has supported one another in their weight loss goals. They even traveled to Texas together to meet Dr. Now and started a strict diet. As the couple stood by each other as a rock, Vianey lost about 226 pounds while Allen managed to shed 272 pounds.

Allen And Vianey My 600-Lb Life YouTube

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Both Vianey and Allen were approved for gastric bypass surgery. However, Vianey’s heart stopped after she was put under. So, the doctor had to immediately stop the procedure. Although disappointed by the events, Vianey said, “I have no doubt that as long as we have each other and we’re doing this together, we will be able to do anything and everything we need to make our goals.”

“And, get that life we both have dreamed of all of our lives, and I know we both absolutely can’t wait for that, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for us,” she concluded.

Talking about one of the worst couples from My 600-Lb Life, one Reddit user wrote, “Obviously Maya and Chritschuuuuun.”

Another chimed in, “Mommmmmuh! Chrishunn is ruining everythingguh!”

My 600-Lb Life Couple Maja & Christian Dubbed The Worst By Fans

Ever since Maja Radanovic and her toxic boyfriend Christian were introduced to fans in Season 7, their love life has been among the most annoying ones. During the show, Maja managed to lose about 100 pounds. However, her relationship with Christian didn’t help. Her weight loss journey was an inconvenience to Christian. Plus, he didn’t seem to support her or answer her questions.

Maja and Christian My 600-Lb Life YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Although fans think these were the healthiest and worst couples from the TLC show, there were other opinions in the forum as well.

One Reddit user wrote, “There are many, but one of the worst ones for me was Lupe and Gilbert. His disregard for her after skin removal surgery was vile. He demanded sex from her shortly after surgery and ripped open all of her sutures. Then when she needed to go back to the ER for it, he cracks open a 40oz and complains that they’re gonna be there all day.”

Who, in your opinion, has the healthiest relationship in the My 600-Lb Life series? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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