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‘MBFFL’ Fans Fear Whitney Way Thore Will Die Soon

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore has been struggling with her body weight even since her college days. She was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which has led to a rampant weight gain for the star over the years. However, fans feel that the 38-year-old doesn’t wish to lose weight and fear that she might die soon.

Reddit Users Feel Whitney Way Thore Doesn’t Have ‘Forever’ To Live

Although Whitney does have an active lifestyle, given her love for dancing and skiing, she has no weight loss strategies in place. This has caused her weight to become stagnant and even increasing at times, with no signs of going down to a healthy number anytime soon. Plus,  fans feel if this continues, the reality star might soon lose her life.

Whitney Way Thore YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Talking about Whitney’s erratic behavior toward her health, a Reddit user wrote, “I can definitely see where Whitney has just become pathetic. She really just wants to be fat forever?”

Replying to the OP, another user commented, “Forever is short for her. Show me a morbidly obese person in their 80s. She’s got like 20 years tops if she doesn’t change.”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

“This is the whole thing. She can bang on about how ‘healthy’ she is, despite the fact the entire world can see it’s not true. But nobody can beat Father Time, and no matter how much she lies to herself, there WILL come a time when her body gives out. And it’ll be a lot sooner than she’d ever be willing to admit,” added the third user.

Why Does Whitney Ignore Her Physical Health?

A fourth user proved the theory with stats and wrote, “I just checked stats for My 600 lb. Life. The average age for most patients is late 30s early 40s. The oldest ‘still living’ is 55, but she lost over 250lbs, and is following medical instructions. The oldest to die was 56.”

“A good number have passed, most in their 40s, due to going back to their old habits. If Shitney is 40 now I don’t see her reaching 50. 45 may be pushing it,” they continued.

Whitney Way Thore YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The reality star is more focused on her mental health as opposed to her physical health. Back in July 2019, she shared a video on Instagram, which has since been deleted. She mentioned in the video that she doesn’t want any praise from fans for her perceived weight loss.

“I’ve been reading my comments and a large majority of them are people congratulating me for losing some amount of weight that you have perceived that I lost, but I guarantee you that I’m still fat as s**t,” she told her IG followers.

Is Whitney Way Thore Keeping Her Weight Up Intentionally?

Given her apparent ignorance regarding the importance of weight loss for her future health, fans even feel that she is doing this intentionally. Given her size, she gets to be a part of the TLC show as long as she has some content to keep viewers engaged.

Whitney Way Thore YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Although her condition is to be blamed for her weight gain, losing weight with PCOS isn’t an impossible feat.

Do you think Whitney’s choice to stay big is intentional? Share your thoughts in the comments! Also, check back with TV Shows Ace for more on My Big Fat Fabulous Life.


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  1. Whitney knows what she needs to do and if she doesn’t does not treasure her life then she will parish. Is she that lazy mentally to try to stay alive by losing the weight and love her

  2. As someone with PCOS I will agree that losing weight isn’t impossible. It is, however, very very very difficult. It isn’t as simple as calories in/calories out. It is managing insulin resistance, thyroid problems, and other issues that come with PCOS. Finding doctors to treat it correctly can be difficult since many drs want to ignore why you are fat and just focus on the fat.

  3. Ummmm… this is BS. I know several people with PCOS- and depending on the person it can literally make it IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight, so what’s the point in trying to do the impossible? The goal should be to maintain the weight you’re at, because it’s rare to lose weight with some severities of PCOS. Don’t fat-shame someone that knows their own body and capabilities better than anyone else.

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