‘Love Island USA’: Casa Amor Islander Told To Disappear?

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A Casa Amor islander from Love Island USA was told to disappear. That person is sharing their experience. Tonight is the season finale of the dating reality series. The Peacock Original debuted last month and has been through a wild ride.

The couples were put to the test during Casa Amor. During those few days, the couples were split up. The boys snuck off to Casa Amor while the girls stayed behind in the villa with six new boys. The boys were met with six new girls, including Tigerlily, who opened up about her experience on the show.

Love Island USA: Casa Amor Girls [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]

Tigerlily Cooley was “bullied” from Peacock series

In an in-depth social media post, Tigerlily Cooley talked about her experience on Love Island USA. It’s no secret that the show has been slammed for not being diverse, even though there was a good mix at the beginning. Tigerlily revealed that she was “bullied” off the show because of false rumors made about her. Producers made sure that she “disappeared.”

“Hundreds of people have been asking why [I] disappeared on Love Island and I feel it’s only fair to the public to address my experience during Casa Amor, to the extent I am allowed to disclose,” she tweeted on Friday, August 26.

She included a full statement of her time on the island. She shared that the islanders made her feel “extremely uncomfortable.” Tigerlily had to turn down numerous “sexual advances.” The model wouldn’t reveal which islander disrespected her. Fans know she took interest in Jeff Christian Jr. during that time.

Love Island USA fans realized that the two didn’t sleep together during Casa Amor even though he was single. The purpose of Casa Amor is for the islanders to test out their budding romances while being tempted by the newcomers. Tigerlily said she was “genuinely interested in getting to know one of the islanders.” Yet, something happened that made her feel “humiliated.”

Tigerlily From Love Island USA [Tigerlily | Instagram]
[Tigerlily | Instagram]

What happened on the Love Island USA series?

Season 4 of Love Island USA is easy to binge because of its seemingly short episodes. Apparently, it doesn’t stream everything that happens. Tigerlily said she was “slut shamed” and that “false rumors” were spread by the unnamed islander. Following that incident, she received less screen time than the other Casa Amor girls.

Tigerlily admitted that she was “bullied” off the show. Producers did their part to erase her from the series. She also wasn’t uninvited from the Love Island USA reunion. Tigerlily is “saddened” by this experience since she wanted to show a positive influence on the Asian-American community.

Tigerlily Spills Tea On Instagram [Tigerlily | Instagram Stories]
[Tigerlily | Instagram Stories]
This comes after Nadjha Day and Jeff left the villa on Friday’s episode. He exploded at Nadjha and Timmy Pandolfi following Phoebe Raye and Chad Robinson’s departure. This caused Nadjha to second-guess their relationship. She didn’t appreciate how Jeff treated her and agreed to leave the villa single. Fans also questioned his behavior after that episode.

What are your thoughts on Tigerlily’s experience on Love Island USA? Do you think it has something to do with something that happened with Jeff? What are your thoughts on him? Sound off below in the comment section.

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