Chantel Everett Breaks Silence Amid Divorce From Pedro Jimeno

Pedro and Chantel YouTube

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s recent divorce has been a hot topic among The Family Chantel fans. However, neither Pedro nor Chantel had publicly talked about it until now. Now, Chantel is revealing how she is coping with her divorce.

Chantel Everett Talks About Life After Divorce In An Instagram Q&A

On Friday, during a Q&A session with fans on Instagram, the reality star invited her followers to ask her anything. Referencing her divorce, one fan asked, “How are you doing? Fr [sic]”

To this, Chantel replied, “I have good days and bad days.”

A day before the Q&A session, the 90 Day Fiancé alum talked about her divorce in a separate message shared on her Instagram Stories. She wrote, “I feel very grateful for the supportive women in my life and the ones who have been sending me messages of encouragement. Thank you, sisters.”

Chantel Everett YouTube

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Chantel’s social media post came the very same week during which her and Pedro’s drama hit a breaking point as seen in the August 22 episode of The Family Chantel. The former couple had been living in the same house but in separate bedrooms after their marriage started falling apart. Later on, Pedro asked Chantel for a divorce.

Chantel Everett Was Confused About The Divorce Decision

Although it seemed like Chantel wanted the same from Pedro, she cried during the confessional. She even admitted that she felt confused about the decision. The nurse said, “What more could I do? I’ve given you honesty, I’ve given you trust. I’ve given my whole self to you. I brought you here.”

Pedro and Chantel YouTube

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“When everybody else told me you were scamming me, I didn’t listen to them, and I trusted in you. I trusted him. I trusted my husband. Because he told me that he would not leave me. He told me that! He told me he would never do that! That’s what he said, and I believed it.” she concluded.

The Family Chantel Star Files Counterclaims Against Ex-Husband

As reported by In Touch, the real estate agent had filed for divorce back on May 27. This brought an end to their six-year-long marriage. Not just that, the former couple was also issued a mutual restraining order while they filed for the divorce. As per the official court documents, the exes were, “restrained from doing or attempting to do, or threatening to do, any act that injures, maltreats, vilifies, intimidates, molests or harasses the adverse party.”

Pedro Jimeno YouTube

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Later on, on July 7, Chantel went on to file counterclaims of adultery against Pedro along with cruel treatment. She also claimed that their marriage was irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation. Ever since then, the exes have been sharing puzzling messages via their Instagram accounts taking an indirect dig at one another.

What do you think of Chantel’s latest message after divorce? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Allie Johnson


  1. She needs counseling & the fact she cleaned out bank account doesn’t say a whole lot about her character. She should have supported him like he did her no more than works her lazy butt could be cooking ,cleaning just another spoiled brat. Her parents have ruined her good luck on how to be wife material. We all know u didn’t make all that money in bank so what gives u the right to steal it? Go find a homeless guy that can stay home & kiss ur ass.

    1. Ewwww, you must be ancient to be having that kind of mentality. I hope you get cheated on and then let’s see how you react, KAREN.

    2. Have you been watching the same show I did? Cause she always supported him! Went to the DR to help him find his dad! And there were others I remember of her standing by him! The whole time you treated her like shit she didn’t say anything to her family so the asshole wouldn’t be disliked by her family. You could tell this was a guy that was trying to push her away because he didn’t want to be with her anymore that’s what I saw. She did what she did out of being completely hurt. After doing that for him for all those years and then he wants to not be with her once he gets a job and gets settled it’s pretty obvious what he was up to!!!!!!

      1. Pedro has being planning his divorce for years. He wanted out of the DR and a better life in the USA. Pedro has been mad because his father didn’t and hasn’t acknowledged him or his sister. He is mentally disturbed by his childhood and upbringing on the Campo. Chantel did right to get the money and move on with her life. Not to mention the house market goes up and down. He thought he was going to get rich over night by selling homes. Its takes at least 60 days for a closing and to receive a check. Stop sleeping with your BOSS and being a male eacort and get a real job!

    3. Pedro Doesn’t know what marriage is Hey obviously didn’t have a really good role model for that I mean look what is mom did Just let his dad come and go as he please and his dad was married on top of that Maybe you would just sit around and cook and clean while your husband’s out going to bars with his coworkers going to mall with his coworkers taking his coworkers to and from work who happened to be a female that your wife Doesn’t even know but most women wouldn’t put up with that You know there’s a saying if you water a flower it will grow well Pedro wasn’t watering the flower And the money he was taking money out of their account to get the apartment And other things like the u-haul after talked about separation and divorce come on you wouldn’t go and take the money out You must be one of those women that just lays down and takes it from there man So you should probably take your own advice and seek counseling. Chantel You get him girl hes done him for a while now you go and do you.

    4. Please, Pedro is a scumbag who used her to come to the States. He waited it out to make it look good. He never loved her he used her the apple don’t fall from the tree. He comes from a disgusting rotten mother who is a ho and a user, and his sister is the same a ho and selfish bitch.
      Chantel comes from a really nice family, and he took advantage of all of them he is a fraud, cheater liar and never loved Chantel.
      She should have never married the scumbag and her taken the money is nothing compared to what she should have done to his lying, cheating ass. He treated her like shit just like his family treated her like shit. So, take your rose-colored glasses off when you look at Pedro and stop being jealous of Chantel.

    5. I couldn’t agree more! She definitely has major issues, just look at how absolutely ridiculous her mother acts!! No wonder the oldest son Royal moved away from them! They interfere way to much & Chantel is a spoiled rotten BRAT!

    6. Totally agree. Her parents have always interfered with their relationship, especially that mother. She’s evil! I think her and Pedro would still be together if it wasn’t for the family drama. They are both so blah and really deserve each other. They should have moved abroad!

  2. I feel bad for her but, he told her 2 seasons ago he wanted his mother and sister here. He knew when his sister tried to fight her that wasn’t going to happen. She was smart to draw the money out of the bank before he did cause had he taken the money out first he would have sent it to his mother in the D.R. and she would have never said it again.

    1. He took out the $5000 to get an apartment to get away from her. I’m sure she was still using that money to pay her bills what was he supposed to do when she literally stole $265,000?! He didn’t do that & he had plenty of time to do it if that was him plan! He told her he wasn’t going to do anything like that so she wouldn’t be without any money.
      Well she can go to jail until she turns it over if it’s so important to her. And a judge will do that if she doesn’t produce it, I think that would be hilarious actually! I’ve always thought her & her family were just Trashy Ass people & this proves it even more!

  3. He planned the entire thing. I would’ve taken the money too. You screw me, I screw you back PERIOD. Now she can move on with a real man, not a Mama’s boy.

    1. Definitely!! This season he has been a different person! Like when she went to meet him and his co- workers! He looked at her with hate and disgust! Not like he was looking at his wife and happy to see her! That crap about not cleaning and cooking, Those were just excuses to leave her. His entire attitude this season is that of somebody that completely wants to get away from her and he has done everything he could at every turn to push her away! When you’re someone trying to save your marriage in the other person is completely sabotaging it and making you feel like a piece of crap I’m sure that hurts! I run with the $ too!

    2. Exactly, he is a scumbag just like his family. I hate his mother and sister and I hate him. He used Chantel and never loved her. He wanted to make sure he was in it long enough to have a job and a huge nest egg, and he knew all along he was going to split. That was his intention from day one. His friend told Chantel Pedro and his mom planned for him to marry an American to get to the U.S. and send them money and to get citizenship not for any other reason did he marry her. He never had lover for her. He is typical self-centered user. He only loves himself just like his mother and sister. Chantel comes from a beautiful loving family, and she should have never trusted and married him.

  4. Divorce is never easy. You’re getting crap because you emptied the bank account? You just got to the Bank before he did! Move on – you can’t match someone’s ignorance & that’s what’s being outlined on the Show…..he’ll get his. So much ammunition’s been given to you by his Family….just remember ALL those details when you get to Court. In the meantime – continue to focus on YOU, your Family & those that care about you.

    1. Apparently you & Chantel like the idea of jail time because what she did is absolutely illegal & if she doesn’t return the money the judge will put her in jail! I think that would be hilarious actually & hope they film it!! Chantel has NEVER been supportive of Pedro! He kissed her ass for years & she treated him like a DOG! So did her family!
      When you file for divorce there is a restraining order against taking joint money & hiding it, spending large amounts, running up joint credit cards & opening up joint accounts. That’s all standard. And she did every one of those things! At least 3! It doesn’t include living expenses, which includes him getting his own place.
      He didn’t leave her broke & she did it out of spite! Now she’s lying saying he cheated & abused her?! She’s so full of crap! If he did those things why was she begging him to stay?! I’m sure her mother, Karen (name fits her so good) put her up to everything she did! She was even dumb enough to say on camera, “He want ms to leave me, we’ll I want this money” Now who sounds like the scammer? She’s a moron! He didn’t cheat on her & never abused her, I’ve always thought she was abusive to him quite frankly by the way she spoke to him & allowed her family to treat him. She’s a lazy ass who thinks she should be pampered all the time & never raise a finger to do anything! She barely works & he’s always worked plus did all the cleaning, laundry & cooking. If she’s not going to do anything in her own home & like a PIG, What man would put up with that year after year?!

  5. Pedro, whole problem is financial. He mentioned the Apartment he lived in with Chantel, that he was just fine. I see what Pedro problems are: Pedro, cant afford to live in a house, and help pay his mortage, cant afford to pay his car note, cant afford to pay his cell phone bill, cant afford to pay his taxes. The whole problem is what Pedro cant afford to do along with Chantel, and that is what fuels his anger. Pedro, cant afford his wife to have a baby. Pedro, just cant afford to live up to his responsibilities.

  6. Pedro, cant afford his financial responsibilities, and that is what fueling his anger. He cant afford his Mortgage, he cant afford his car payments, he cant afford his cell phone Bills, etc. He cant even afford for his wife to have a baby

  7. Pedro and his whole family are Trash. They are all ho’s who use people to get by in life. His mother is a hateful disgusting ho, and she raised her daughter and son in her image.
    Chantel comes from a loving, respectful, hardworking, God loving caring family. She was sincere and really loved the Scumbag Pedro that was her only huge mistake. She fell in love and trusted the Scumbag who was using her all along.
    Her family was totally right about him from day one.

  8. You people are as dumb as a bag of hair he cheated on her the whole time she could have it annulled due to the infidelity and not have to pay dime one. She can sue the mother and sister as if it were a scheme they setup to steal money from an American citizen. I’d set them up as a scheme and international wire fraud. I would advise Chantal to take what money she has move into an apartment next door to the whore Lydia and and sit there for 10 years and work on her tan and bring the whole family to their knees she’s young she can win this while making ol meat curtains suffer.

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