Austin Forsyth & Joy-Anna Forsyth, Youtube

Source Reveals The Truth About Austin Forsyth?

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Duggar fans have learned some interesting alleged information about Austin Forsyth. The truth about the Duggar son-in-law, who is married to Joy-Anna Forsyth, may have just been revealed. Keep reading to get all of the alleged details about who he truly is.

Sources tell all about the Duggar family members.

Fans are often interested in learning what the Duggars are like outside of their TLC shows or off of social media. Though they may seem nice, friendly, or welcoming on TV or social media, fans want to know what they are truly like when the cameras aren’t around.

In the past, sources have come forward with information about members of the Duggar family. However, many of these sources are unconfirmed so keep that in mind.

A source who has interacted with Austin Forsyth now has something to say.

Austin Forsyth & Joy-Anna Forsyth, Youtube

Other sources have talked about Michelle Duggar, while some have brought up both Anna and Jana.

What is the truth about Austin Forsyth?

On Reddit, a source revealed that they had had a conversation with Austin. Note that this source is unverified and anonymous, so it’s unclear if this is 100% factual.

On the Bringing Up Bates subreddit, a fan mentioned that Joy-Anna is currently visiting Carlin Bates. Another fan pointed out that Austin and Joy-Anna’s son, Gideon, mentioned playing with makeup and that the idea wasn’t shut down by Joy-Anna.

The fan interpreted this as Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth not pushing “macho man views” on their son.

Then, someone who has previously spoken with Austin chimed in.

Reddit, Bringing Up Bates, Austin Forsyth

The source said they work in the travel industry and claimed that they ended up on the phone with Joy-Anna and Austin. The source alleges:

“Austin and Joy were staying in one of the properties I help manage and he complained, demanded a discount, was rude to the customer service reps and took the phone out of Joys hands several times to talk crap. Joy on the other hand is very sweet but you can tell Austin has a horrible personality and he is the boss in that marriage. He wouldn’t allow me to speak with her when we would come to a common ground he’d complain more and lost the key at the property that he didn’t want to replace that they didn’t replace we had to charge the card on file and he tried to dispute it.”

This may or may not be true, but it may give fans some insight into who Austin Forsyth really is.

So, do you believe what this person alleges about Austin Forsyth? Or do you think it’s fake? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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