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‘SNAPPED’: Do Angels Kill & Why?

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Sharon Halstead went to great lengths to seemingly justify the ill things she was capable of doing. Apparently, she gave the impression that angels told her to murder family and friends. This all makes complete sense, right? To connect the dots, her story was further examined on a recent episode of SNAPPED. Do the pieces actually fit together? Read on and draw your own conclusion.

Sharon Halstead, A Good Religious Girl?

According to Starcasm, Sharon and her sister Deborah were Seventh-day Adventists. However, they did not stay true to their religious beliefs and eventually strayed from them. Sharon went on to marry a much older man named Tex but that did not last. Two children came of the union, Harry and Leo. Luckily, Sharon and Deborah never had to feel alone for long. Additionally, they had a friend from their church community, David Greene. The family joined his prayer group which he led along with his wife, Lynn.

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The Halstead Family

There was one interesting situation in the group that had to be noted. Sharon had somehow convinced her son, Leo that he had these special powers. He was an oracle of sorts and could sense evil. More so, he could talk to angels and anyone who was bad deserved bad bestowed upon them. This included thievery and harm. Of course, this caused contention within the group as well as some question marks. After David and Lynn mentioned they were worried about Leo, his family stopped attending the prayer group.

The Angels Made Them Do It

Within days of leaving the prayer group, Sharon Halstead and her family were up to no good. They seemingly started at her brother’s home. Unfortunately, he was not home so they ransacked his apartment instead. However, his ranchhand was not so lucky as he was found dead. Within a few days, the next targets were the Greene family because they had doubted Leo’s abilities. They started by stealing Lynn’s purse and then it went into a full-on attack. David was able to make it to his neighbor’s home to seek help but he did end up paralyzed. Though he did not want to leave his family in the condition they were in, it was the right choice.

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Had David not sought help, Sharon and her family never would have been caught. Leo explained he had been told about his powers but never actually experienced them per se. Authorities realized that the family was responsible for a slew of local atrocities. In the end, Leo and Harry were put in foster care since their mom killed people in cold blood because she claimed they were “possessed.” Sharon Halstead was sentenced to seventy-five years in jail in 1989. She appears to maintain Leo was the culprit while Harry vehemently denies all of this. They are still waiting for an apology.



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