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Kim Kardashian Called Out For Editing Latest Lingerie Pic

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Kim Kardashian has been making several headlines lately for her appearance. It seems many think she is getting too skinny. In addition, she is getting called out for her photoshopping. It seems Kim may have some explaining to do.

Kim Kardashian gets in trouble

It’s not uncommon for the Kardashians to get called out for photoshopping their photos, especially Kim Kardashian. However, this time, it seems she may have taken things too far. According to The Sun, fans can’t even recognize The Kardashians star anymore.

Kim Kardashian’s brand, Skims, posted a new photo of Kim wearing her newest collection, Stretch Satin. In the photo, a very tiny Kim Kardashian wears a grey lingerie set. Her bright blonde hair is chopped above her shoulders as she poses for the camera.

“Get ready to get everyone’s attention in our new lineup of glossy intimates and foundations made of super silky, luxe satin that hugs your curves. Join the waitlist for early access to shop,” the company captions the photo.

The only thing fans are paying attention to though? The fact that they can’t even recognize her. It seems that no one really cares about the new collection.

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube
  • “I don’t recognize Kim here whatsoever.”
  • “It’s because her head is so poorly Photoshopped.”
  • “New product. New face. Every release also unveils a new Kim.”
  • “The only ‘stretch’ I see is that we’re supposed to believe that’s Kim’s real face (and arm).”

Of course, Kim hasn’t said anything about the allegations and it seems likely that she won’t.

Her health has fans worried

In addition to the constant photoshopping, fans are worried about Kim’s health and just how skinny she is getting. Recently, they started taking to the internet to talk about her size.

  • “Okay she’s actually tiny.”
  • “Seriously, how she doing this?”

Fans aren’t the only people concerned either. Even her family knows that this is the skinniest she has ever been.

“She’s the skinniest she’s ever been and barely sleeping. Her family knows that a lot of this is her rebounding from a very controlling marriage, and her determination to show Kanye how much better she is doing without him,” a source reports.

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube

What do you think of Kim’s appearance? Do you think she is taking things too far both with editing and her health? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite Kardashian family members.

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