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Hazel Busby Channels Her Inner Mama In Gorgeous White Dress

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Being a mother to six beautiful girls can be difficult at times. It can be draining and tiring but watching your beautiful child trying to mimic you can be the most pleasing sight for a mother. OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby has been enjoying the perks of motherhood as her children grow into beautiful and elegant young ladies. Recently, the reality star took to Instagram to share an adorable view of one daughter showcasing her maternal instincts.

Hazel Busby Looks Like An Angel In An All White Ensemble

Danielle shared her daughter Hazel’s picture, dressed up in a frilled white dress as she tended to three baby dolls like a mother. She seemed to focus on feeding the dolls like a mother although her face wasn’t visible on camera.

Hazel Busby YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The 7-year-old looked nothing less than an angel with her all-white ensemble, along with a white hat with a blue ribbon.

Danielle captioned the Instagram Story, “Little Mama,” followed by three white hearts.

Hazel Busby Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Tiny little Hazel has been through a lot, but she has persevered through the troubles in life. The goofy little champ of the family was the smallest when she was born. This brought down her chances of survival. However, being the brave heart that she is, Hazel did push through.

Hazel Busby Loves Her Gorgeous Red Mane

Yet troubles didn’t leave her side. Back when she was 1, Adam Busby confirmed that she was born with an eye condition called congenital nystagmus. This is an involuntary eye flutter. She also underwent eye surgery for correction of the eye placement to help her focus better.

Hazel Busby OutDaughtered YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Regardless of the curveballs life has thrown at her, she knows she is pretty and flaunts it like there’s no tomorrow. Recently, Danielle admitted that she is obsessed with Hazel’s pretty red hair, which looks absolutely gorgeous with those subtle curls.

Hazel Busby OutDaughtered Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

The mother of six shared a picture of Hazel’s captivating red curls flowing down her back, touching all the way to her waist. Her hair was sectioned into two parts, with the top half pulled back neatly in an adorable fuchsia pink bow. She captioned the post, “Obsessed with Hazel’s hair.”

OutDaughtered Star Hazel’s Spirit Animal Is A Sloth

The red-headed beauty is also a unique one in the family, given her love for sloths. So much so that she even considers the sloth her spirit animal. Time and again, both Adam and Danielle Busby share pictures of Hazel playing around with sloth soft toys. Just like a sloth, she shows qualities like perseverance, patience, and shyness.

Hazel Busby Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

As the quintuplets grow into young divas, it would be interesting for fans to see how each one turns out with time. Although TLC hasn’t updated on a renewal of OutDaughtered, Danielle and Adam keep the fans updated with their daily lives on Instagram and YouTube alike.

What do you think of this adorable moment? Do you think Hazel Busby looks like an angel in the picture? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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