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‘Dateline’: The Reasoning Behind The Chacey Poynter Murder

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Why Did Chacey Poynter murder her husband? This is a mystery that Dateline attempted to solve. There are so many factors behind the mind of someone willing to go to such an extreme. However, Chacey seemed to have such a masterful mind that she almost got away with it- until she didn’t. Read on to find out what went on behind closed doors to lead her hubby to his grave.

Chacey Poynter, A Wife In Distress?

According to Starcasm, Chacey was actually half of her husband, Robert ‘Bob’ Poynter’s age. She was also his second wife so he may have been blinded by this new young love. Whatever the case, he was a well-respected man in his community who stayed close to his family. It was noted that he called his mother over a dozen times per day. As a firefighter, he was also quite charitable, going off to aid Hurricane Katrina victims. Bob seems like nothing short of a saint so when he was shot and killed, clearly, Chacey was a wife in distress. She has just lost the love of her life. Or had she?

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She alleged she was meeting her husband for dinner. At this point, the two had a daughter together so any anger she had toward him would directly impact their child. Anyway, it was 2016, and, on her way to meet him for dinner, Chacey’s Jeep got stuck so Bob came to help her. That was when he was allegedly shot. Upon the police arriving, Chacey unloaded the problem the couple had been having. She claimed he was never around, they didn’t spend much time together, and more. Additionally, she said he threatened to take their daughter if they got divorced. Soon, her information vomit session led her to become the prime suspect.

Blood & A Best Friend

There was blood on Chacey Poynter that would indicate she was with her husband when he was shot. It was all too suspicious for the police. Furthermore, she shared she was staying with her good friend Michael Garza, who she had also been intimate with. Though Chacey initially claimed that Michael was leaving the state when Bob was killed, her story soon changed. Suddenly she started to think Michael was the guilty party. Yet that story did not stick either. Chacey then claimed that the two were going to mess with Bob but it was not supposed to go as far as it did.

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Bob Poynter

Yes, it appeared that Chacey and Michael had a part in the murder, she was able to prove that Michael killed Bob as a form of protection. Essentially, it was a case of infatuation gone wrong. He was in love with her, she confided in him about her sour marriage, so he took matters into his own hands. The idea of prison did not even seem to faze him. Garza was found guilty and sentenced to 99 years behind bars. As for Chacey, no proof of Bob hurting her was found but they did find other boyfriends.

It looked like she was on the prowl for a man to get rid of Bob but why? This is the big question. Okay, so here is the answer. Bob was actually ready to divorce her which she learned about. Yet, if they got divorced, per their prenup, she would get nothing. However, if he died, she would get a lot so this now makes all the sense in the world. She was sentenced to life and it does not look promising for her release.

What did you think of that twist?

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