Confused Wendy Williams Wears Tiny Booty Shorts At Liquor Store

Wendy Williams During Show Opening [YouTube]

Wendy Williams appeared confused and downcast during her latest sighting. The former television host wore tiny booty shorts at the liquor store. This comes after she shocked fans with a previous appearance in New York City. Fans speculated on social media if the pop culture diva is really gaunt or if the candids were Photoshopped.

They were aghast over her real skin. Once again, Wendy’s legs were wrinkled and saggy during her latest appearance. She looked skinnier than ever in the tiny outfit. She was reportedly “disoriented” and “disheveled” when she bought cigarettes and booze.

Fans have been concerned about Wendy Williams amid her ongoing health struggles.

Wendy Williams Opening [YouTube]

Wendy Williams wears a tiny outfit for her booze run

In her latest outfit, Wendy Williams looked nothing like her former self. She made another bizarre wide-eyed appearance as she made a trip for booze and cigarettes. The sighting occurred around 8:00 p.m., according to The Sun. The outlet published sad photos of the former talk show host looking lost and sad while running errands.

Wendy Williams left her New York City penthouse at night. She wore a black button-up shirt that was tied around her waist and showed off her midriff. Wendy also wore tiny denim cutoff shorts that revealed her wrinkled skin. She finished off her look with a gold Chanel chain belt, diamond jewelry bracelets, and a green Gucci crocodile handbag.

Wendy Williams Confused During Appearance [YouTube]
The former radio personality also wore black and white sneakers. She looked surprised and confused when she saw the paparazzi. Wendy stepped out of her apartment briefly for smokes and booze. She headed into a nearby liquor store as she purchased a large bottle of Ketel One Vodka. She also purchased some cigarettes despite her struggles with Grave’s Disease, hyperthyroidism, and other complications.

A paparazzo recognized Wendy Williams. He asked her about her new podcast, The Wendy Experience. She slurred her words as she responded in confusion: “I’m not The Wendy Williams Show anymore.” The former television personality returned to her apartment via her taxi driver.

The former talk show host has drinking problems

The taxi driver also confirmed to The Sun that Wendy Williams brought the bottle of vodka upstairs with her. Check out the new photos of Wendy’s booze trip here for yourself. It’s hard for fans to see her in this state. They begged the media to leave her alone during this time.

This sighting comes after the explosive report via THR. The article revealed what really happened during the final moments before The Wendy Williams Show ended. An insider associated with Debmar-Mercury revealed that Wendy was on a downward spiral for the past five years.

Her health issues started when she fainted on live television. From there, Wendy also struggled with her sobriety. In 2019, she revealed that she was living at a sober living facility. Insiders alleged that she hid bottles of booze around the studio. They would find them in well-hidden places.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams? Do you think she’s still battling health problems? Or, do you think something else is happening? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. I wish people would leave her alone. Bring talked about constantly doesn’t help her in any way. Would you like to be talked about & judged all the time? Mind your own business.

  2. It’s so sad the death her mother a divorce health issues addiction and the end of a talk show that was a major part of life.
    The sad thing is that Wendy will have to accept that she is emotionally unwell. It will be difficult for any changes to take place unless she does.
    Praying for you WW.
    Please paparazzi no more photos of Wendy struggling.

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