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Why Christine Brown Refused To Have An Ugly Divorce With Kody

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One thing Christine Brown of Sister Wives refused to do was have a bitter and ugly divorce with Kody. The TLC personality admits she knew getting a divorce would be a process. And, she knew divorces were ugly and messy. She, however, refused to make a spectacle of her splitting up with Kody Brown.

Considering the temperament her ex-husband has, it would have been all too easy for this divorce to turn into something ugly and bitter. Outside of just wanting it to be as easy and smooth as possible, there was another reason why Christine refused to let things become ugly. What was the real reason she took the high road?

Christine Brown refused to have an ugly, heated divorce

It would have been all too easy for Christine and Kody Brown to blow up at each other while getting divorced. Things could have been ugly and their heated battle could have been all over media headlines. That, however, never happened. Outside of tension on the actual TLC series, things never appeared to get too ugly between Kody and Christine as they split up.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Christine Brown Youtube

Speaking to People Magazine, Christine Brown explained that approaching this divorce with “grace” was a big deal for her. She had no interest in creating a tense and ugly situation. She clarified that issuing a statement and approaching her divorce with kindness really wasn’t about getting the story out there either. It was about her children. Christine explained she wanted to be as graceful as possible with the divorce because her children would see the way she handled things and that mattered to her more than anything else.

Christine concluded her interview with People by reminding everyone that she was “great friends” with Kody before she married and had a family with him. Moreover, being with Kody shaped her into the person she is today. So, it certainly doesn’t sound like she regrets or past or feels as though she made mistakes. She’s just no longer interested in being in a polygamy marriage and she’s no longer happy with Kody.

Check out the interview down below: 

Do you think it is admirable that despite most of her children being adults she still considered their feelings during her split from Kody? Do you think there were times she had to avoid biting her tongue to keep things civil during the divorce? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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