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Sugar Bear’s Shocking Overhaul, New Teeth & Hair Plugs

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Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson has finally started his dramatic makeover. Mama June’s ex-fiance revealed in April that he was undergoing a full body overhaul. Unfortunately, a cancer scare derailed it and put it on hold. Now, the first few parts of this drastic transformation have begun and it is huge. Read on for all of the details.

A Whole New Sugar Bear

Back at the end of April/early May, a list of procedures was revealed for Sugar Bear. He was said to be receiving a hair transplant, Botox, filler, lipo, tummy tuck, and new teeth. According to TMZ, two of these have officially happened. He got a mouthful of new teeth. But first, he had to have his old ones, the ones remaining, removed. Then, he had new hair implanted in a very graphic procedure. Click here to see the gory pictures and final results.

Sugar Bear/YouTube
Sugar Bear and his daughter, Honey Boo Boo

His new teeth look absolutely incredible. Sugar Bear looks like a whole new man however it is clear to see why the doctors were initially worried. They had put a stop to his cosmetic surgery after a tumor was found. It was believed to be oral cancer so they sent it off for a biopsy. Luckily, it came back negative and he was cleared for his new teeth but no one knew how long it would take for him to get back into the dental chair. As for his hair, that is a work in progress.

Where Does Sugar Bear Stand With His Family?

Fans had hoped to see him this season of Mama June: Road to Redemption. It was the first one he had not been on. There was a lot going on in his life. He and his wife, Jennifer Lamb split up and she claimed that he had been unfaithful. Both of them moved on and he found new love with Heather Rood, 45. She seemingly has been by his side while he was going through the cancer scare. No word on how she feels with his new amazing look. There had been cameras when he was first starting this process so the big question is: will he be getting his own series?

Sugar Bear/YouTube

That is unknown but there are rumors that his daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo,’ and her sister, Pumpkin are in talks for their own show. In April of this year, Pumpkin gained custody of Alana which was documented on Mama June. That was the only time Sugar Bear appeared this season. He had to sign away his rights to Alana, which he did as he knew it was in her best interest. It appears he is not that close to his family anymore. However, in that family, anything can change at the drop of a hat.

What do you think of Sugar Bear’s new smile and would you like to see him back on television? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Like the old saying goes “you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig” This whole family of food shoveling fat ass degenerates make me sick! Who the hell pays for all this crap? They are so over!!

    1. You have the tact of a rattlesnake. We’re you raised in the gutter?
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  2. I appalled sugar bear for stepping up to better his health. Looking good so far. He’s a young man & he needs to look young as well. Shout out to the Dr. Who’s making this happen. Go ahead sugar bear I ain’t mad @ cha. 🙏🙏❤️❤️

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