North West Escapes Kim Kardashian’s Photoshop Obsession?

Kim Kardashian and PhotoShop are synonymous with one another! It is common to see Kim photoshopping her pictures to look flawless. But, at times, she takes it a step ahead by editing her daughter’s pictures to perfection. However, it looks like her daughter North West has luckily escaped the regular photo editing routine this time.

Scott Disick Posts An Unfiltered Picture Of Kardashian Kids

In a recent picture uploaded by Scott Disick, captioned, “Tea Time,” North West and Penelope Disick were seen sipping on tea. The great thing about the picture was the fact that it was all raw without any unnecessary editing or morphing.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

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This is one of those rare pictures where you can see the Kardashian children without any filter to hide the flaws. And, fans were quick to observe this difference in looks as compared to the pictures uploaded by Kim Kardashian of her daughter.

Fans Hope Kardashians Leave The Kids’ Natural Beauty Unfiltered

A fan reshared the Instagram picture on Reddit with the caption, “Scott’s new post.”

One user commented, “they look so cute. I hope the Kardashians will leave their natural beauty alone.”

“I don’t know how a child could grow up watching their mothers OBSESS over beauty and thinness and watch them literally alter their bodies and not internalize that sh*t too, “added another.

Scott Disick Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

A third chimed in, “The Kardashians have tried to hide their younger pictures, especially post-puberty, pre-surgery, but they’ve plastered these kids’ faces everywhere so the plastic surgery will be very obvious.”

A fourth user appreciated that Scott didn’t PhotoShop the pictures as they said, “I really love that he doesn’t PhotoShop the kids. Just a brightness filter.”

Kim Kardashian North West Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

“My 1st thought was Kimberly wasn’t notified that he was going to post this pic,” quipped a fifth user.

Kim Kardashian Called Out For Editing Her Grandmother’s Picture

Apart from photoshopping her kids’ pictures, Kim was previously blasted by fans for editing her grandmother MJ’s picture. On her grandmother’s birthday on July 26, 2022, Kim took to her Instagram handle to wish her. She posted several pictures of herself with her grandmother from different eras of their life. She captioned the post, “The Queen MJ has turned 88 today! Grandma, I am so grateful to have you as someone to look up to, and I love you so much.”

However, fans were quick to notice that the first picture, which seemed to be her latest one, was touched up and polished. She appeared to have blurred out MJ’s wrinkles to give her smooth appearing skin.

Kim Kardashian Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

“Do you think Grandma Kardashian has had any work done? Just a random question. When compared to the family, she appears quite natural,” asked one fan.

Another claimed, “Yeah, I think she’s natural, but Kim definitely photoshopped her.”

“There’s a 99.999999 percent chance this picture is photoshopped,” added a third fan.

What do you think of Kim’s habit of photoshopping her daughter’s pictures? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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