‘My 600-Lb Life’ Shocking David Nelson Health Update

David Nelson My 600-Lb Life YouTube

After struggling with a rough childhood, My 600-Lb Life’s star David Nelson found comfort in food. But, little did he know that his eating habits could negatively affect his health in the long run. Back in February 2022, TLC fans were introduced to this 30-year-old man who wishes to embark on a difficult journey towards wellness.

My 600-Lb Life’s David Nelson Has Lost 155 Pounds So Far

The first step toward leading a healthy life was to opt for bariatric surgery. However, his physician Dr. Younan Nowzaradan wanted him to lose some weight before he could be approved for the surgery. Doing so would help avoid any possible post-surgical complications that happen with obese individuals.

David Nelson My 600-Lb Life YouTube

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After a few sessions with a psychotherapist, Nelson was able to lose a total of 155 pounds bringing his weight down to 608. However, he still needed to lose more to get approval for his surgery.

The first thing for weight loss is to lead an active lifestyle, and this is just what the TLC star is doing. He is having the time of his life while working on his health and weight loss goals. Back in March 2022, the reality star created a GoFundMe to fix his van and has been living there ever since. His campaign has so far raised about $2,225 from his $2,500 goal.

TLC Star David Nelson Lives In A Van

Nelson has kept fans updated with his scenic travel pictures, which include a picture from Galveston Beach.

On Friday, Nelson updated fans about his health journey. He uploaded two pictures on Instagram captioned, “Still on this health road #my600poundlife #my600lblife #tlc #health #vanlife.”

The first picture was of him sitting inside his van by the window, while the second one was outside by the beach.

David Nelson My 600-Lb Life YouTube

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Fans took to the comments section to praise the brave one for keeping up with his weight loss goals. One fan wrote, “God bless you.”

Another added, “Yes! Keep going! Praying for you.”

Ever since fans saw him get stuck in the car, they have been worried about his health, regularly asking for updates.

David Nelson My 600-Lb Life YouTube

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“Any updates you can share? Are you still trying, or have you had your procedure yet? I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering about your health. Hope all is well, sir,” questioned the third fan.

A fourth fan wondered, “Pardon my ignorance! Does #vanlife mean you live in your van?”

Has David Been Approved For A Bariatric Surgery?

Nelson is currently in Texas, focusing on his weight loss goals and exploring different scenic locations while doing so.

David Nelson My 600-Lb Life YouTube

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Although it looks like the reality star has lost a lot of weight since fans first saw him, it isn’t clear whether the doctor has approved him for the bariatric surgery. It looks like fans might have to wait more before TLC updates on Nelson’s journey.

Are you excited to learn whether Nelson has been approved for the surgery? Check back with TV Shows Ace for more on My 600-Lb Life.

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