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Kody & Christine Brown Air Dirty Laundry See First Look

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Kody Brown and his now ex-wife Christine didn’t pull any punches in a recently dropped preview of Sister Wives. In fact, the scorned lovers didn’t hesitate to air all of their dirty laundry. In a clip that was only a minute and a half long, TLC gave viewers a sneak peek at what to expect from Season 17. The clip features Kody and Christine going head-to-head over the decision to split up.

Kody and Christine Brown air dirty laundry: Sneak peek

The brief video clip kicks off with Christine and Kody sitting at a table trying to have a decision. Christine Brown confronted Kody noting that she asked him if their marriage, more specifically the intimate part of their marriage, was over. She added that Kody confirmed it was, in fact, over. Kody jumped in to point out that he did NOT tell Christine things were over. He clarified all he did was shrug his shoulders. Christine Brown jumped back in noting that he made it clear he was not attracted to her anymore. Fired up, Kody added she was putting words in his mouth and that was not what he said.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Youtube

The headed discussion fades and the clip cuts to both Christine and Kody having conversations with the camera during confessionals. Kody Brown insists that he will not take all of the blame for this relationship coming to an end. He explains that Christine Brown spent the past year telling anyone who would listen that she wanted to leave Kody. Her threats to leave him managed to make it back to him. Kody explained that after a year of hearing people whisper she wanted to leave him, he had no desire to be intimate with her. So, he shrugged his shoulders.

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Christine Brown, however, says it was the moment he shrugged his shoulders at that question that was the beginning of the end for her. She asked the camera (referring to the viewers at home) how would they feel if they asked their partner to be intimate with them and their partner shrugged their shoulders and basically said they didn’t know.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown - Youtube

Watch this play out on the new season of Sister Wives 

The new season of Sister Wives premieres on September 11th only on TLC. The season promises to play out the official end of Kody and Christine Brown’s relationship.

Watch the sneak peek in the clip down below:

Do you think it was reasonable for Kody not to want to be intimate with Christine with her threats to leave? Could this relationship have been saved if they had communicated better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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