Justin Duggar & Claire Spivey, Instagram - Justin Duggar's Wife Claire Spivey Shows Her True Colors

Justin Duggar’s Wife Claire Spivey Shows Her True Colors

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Justin Duggar’s wife, Claire Spivey, is being called out after showing her true colors. Fans have a lot to say about her recent reveal on social media. So, what has Claire said or done? Keep reading to get all of the details.

Claire Spivey Duggar Lays Low On Social Media

If you follow the Duggar family and some of the adult children on social media, you may have noticed that Claire doesn’t post much. Justin is pretty quiet on social media as well. It’s possible that this is due to Josh Duggar’s latest scandal. Many of the Duggars have decided to stay off social media due to the negative comments they often receive.

Justin and Claire Duggar Instagram
Justin and Claire Duggar Instagram

Because of Justin and Claire’s silence online, fans don’t know a lot about the couple. They seem to be doing well living in Texas while keeping to themselves. But fans don’t really have any idea what they’re up to these days.

Justin Duggar’s Wife Shows Her True Colors

In a surprising turn of events, Claire gave fans a look at who she really is. Though she isn’t often posting on social media, she’s still active and likes other posts.

On Reddit, one Duggar Snarker discovered a post that Justin’s wife Claire had liked. The post came from a profile called Remove Biden. A meme shows Kyle Rittenhouse sitting at a table with a sign that reads, “My 3 shots were more effective than Fauci’s.”

Note that this is photoshopped and is a common meme format. Claire did truly like it on Instagram, though.

Duggars Snark Reddit - Justin Duggar's Wife Claire Spivey Shows Her True Colors

If you didn’t know, Rittenhouse fatally shot two people and injured another in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This was amid racial justice protests.

On Reddit, fans and critics have a lot to say about Justin Duggar’s wife Claire Spivey’s true colors. Some think it’s interesting how openly she shares her viewpoints, even if they may be controversial. While the Duggars’ beliefs have been questioned in the past, she’s the only family member who likes posts like these on social media.

Many Reddit users are calling this post “disgusting” and “horrific.” Others are shocked that she would show her true colors like this when her husband’s family is in the public eye.

Well, Claire is just trash. from DuggarsSnark

So, do you think this post that Justin Duggar’s wife Claire Spivey liked is a good indication of her true colors? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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  1. Everyone, Literally EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING, has a right to their own thoughts, feelings and opinions. NOONE has a right to influence, badger, bully ir degrade anyone else for such thoughts, feelings of opinions. NOONE elses thpught feelings or opinions have any relevance to YOU PERSONALLY.
    Nunya damn business is everything that does not CONCERN YOU.

    1. It should concern everybody. This entitled kid killed 2 people and she approves of it. When will it concern you? When it is a relative of yours? A friend? She married into the oh so religious family and last I heard it was Thou shalt not kill. Hypocrites. Is she also for the death penalty for her brother in law? All fun and games until it is somebody you know and love that gets killed. She can think whatever she wants, but she is in the public eye and will get called on thinking a kid killing 2 people is somehow funny.

    2. It is when you’re plastering your ignorance and hate in a public place…yep becomes everyone who reads it business now

  2. Like the DUGGERS have any room to judge anybody. They raised a child predator. She should be entitled to her own opinion right or wrong. Just cuz she’s married she still has her own mind.

  3. She LIKED a meme? OMG! All she did was hit “Like.” I know what the kid did was horrible, but maybe she didn’t like what the kid did, but what the meme meant. Remove Biden. MANY people don’t like Biden, just like MANY people didn’t like Trump. She’s entitled to who own opinion. The Duggars are Republicans.

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