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Robyn Brown Struggles To Love Kody‘s Other Children?

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Ask the Sister Wives fanbase — Robyn Brown is definitely one of the most unpopular cast members. Many viewers believe the family started to fall apart after she entered the family. Since then, they believe she’s used manipulation tactics to drive wedges between Kody and his other wives. Some would even go as far as to say Robyn actually pushed Christine out of the family.

It’s clear that Robyn adores and dotes on her own children. But how does she feel about her sister wives’ kids? New fan theories suggest that she really doesn’t care much for them at all. See what Redditors had to say on the topic.

Viewers think Robyn Brown withholds affection from the other children

After 16 seasons, it’s become pretty clear that Kody Brown invests a lot of time and energy into Robyn’s children while neglecting his kids with his other wives. But how much of a role does the fourth sister wife play here? Is she creating problems because she doesn’t care about the other children?

Robyn Brown from TLC
Robyn Brown/TLC

“Robyn can’t bring herself to use the word ‘love’ when referring to Ysabel and her scoliosis pain…” one Redditor wrote in a recent thread. They shared a clip of Robyn awkwardly discussing Ysabel’s condition in an episode.

“It seems like a lot of the older/middle kids avoid Robyn, so I am not surprised,” another user replied to the OP’s comment. However, another user pointed out that Aspyn seemed to love Robyn. She even lived with her for a little bit in her early 20s. But another Redditor had an explanation for this as well.

“Are you kidding? Aspyn had an ed degree (or was getting one at the time),” they added. “She was a free nanny for Robyn, people. I feel it in my bones.”

It appears to many Sister Wives fans that Robyn doesn’t actually love her sister wives’ children. For her, she maintains her relationships with the kids as a matter of convenience.

Robyn Brown from TLC
Robyn Brown/TLC

Do you agree with Redditors here? Be sure to leave your own ideas about Robyn’s relationship with the other kids in the comments. Share what you think.

Sister Wives returns for another season very soon

Teasers for Sister Wives Season 17 are out and fans aren’t quite sure what to expect from Robyn this year. Kody definitely already has a lot on his plate with Christine, but Robyn seems torn over whether or not to insert herself in the drama. So what does this mean for her relationship with Kody?

Fans can’t know what will happen next until new episodes come out. But one thing is certain — there will be no shortage of drama ahead.

Don’t forget that Sister Wives returns to TLC on September 11. Check back for more stories on the Brown family and see what happens next.

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