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Is Michael Strahan Married, How Many Ex Wives Does He Have?


After being snubbed on live TV by co-host Cedric the Entertainer, GMA’s co-host Michael Strahan has become the talk of the town. Fans have also been wondering who he is married to. Keep reading to find out more.

Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan Got Married Twice

The former American professional football player has been married twice and has a total of four children. The journalist has two children that he shares with his first wife, Wanda Hutchins, and twins with his second wife, Jean Muggli. However, both his marriages ended up in divorce. He got married to Wanda in 1992 and later got divorced in 1996. The very same year, the 50-year-old married his second wife, but then the two got divorced in 2006.

Michael Strahan YouTube

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After a nasty divorce, Jean received $15.3 Million in alimony along with $18K per month in child support. The former couple also had an ongoing custody battle over their 17-year-old twins Sophia and Isabella. Problems arose during their custody battle after it was revealed that the former couple’s parenting coordinator had requested to withdraw from providing further services. This was because the fees of the parenting coordinator, as mandated by the court, were not paid as of June 21, 2022.

As per The Sun, Strahan has been ordered to pay 90 percent of the total fees. On the other hand, the remaining 10 percent of the fees need to be paid by Muggli.

Michael Strahan Is Close To His Twin Daughters

The former footballer reportedly shares a close relationship with his twin daughters & was seen strutting up & down the runway in KB swim bikinis back in July 2022. Talking about his twins, Strahan said, “It’s an adjustment when you see your babies. Obviously, they’re not babies anymore, and they’re going to prom, and you just don’t want to let them out of your sight.”

“I’m like, I will gladly drive you and chaperone prom. I have no problem. I’ll clear the schedule for that. But neither one of them wants that,” he explained.


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The GMA host further added, “It’s definitely an adjustment to see these babies be women, but I’m also happy for it because they are beautiful, smart, and responsible. Sometimes they can be a little pain in the behind, but that’s natural because I was to my parents too.”

“I love the challenge of being a parent, and I look forward to the challenge they’re gonna have when they’re parents,” he concluded.

Good Morning America Co-Host Is Dating Model Kayla Quick

He is also dad to Tanita (30) & Michael Jr. (27), who he shares with Hutchins. Although much isn’t known about Michael Jr., their eldest daughter is an artist who sells her work online.

Michael Strahan YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As per reports, Strahan has been dating model Kayla Quick since 2015. Although the couple has been spotted together on several occasions, they have kept the relationship out of the spotlight.

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