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‘MAFS’ What Happened To Justin’s Dog After Big Fight?

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MAFS newlyweds Justin and Alexis have said they are falling in love with one another. In fact, Alexis questioned why everyone thought marriage is so hard. Then reality struck. As Justin and Alexis prepared to move in together, he brought his dog Mya to meet Alexis’ dog, Newton. It didn’t go well and fans were outraged over the footage of the two dogs fighting. Alexis wanted Justin to say if the dogs didn’t get along that he would find her a new home. What ends up happening with poor Mya?

Fans are not happy with how MAFS dog situation was handled

Justin and Alexis are facing some troubled waters and it seems their disagreement about their dogs may end their marriage. Justin’s dog Mya attacked Newton who is Alexis’ dog. Newton ended up with an eye injury.

It then escalated when Alexis was angry at Justin for not telling her that Newton was throwing up blood and not eating for two days. Alexis admitted she was having a hard time trusting anything Justin says. He failed to tell her that Mya had previously been aggressive with other dogs. Fans are becoming outraged at the entire situation.

Justin agreed to send Mya away for some training. If the training was not successful, Alexis wants Justin to get rid of the dog. Fans aren’t liking any of this. They think Alexis is being unreasonable asking Justin to send Mya away.

MAFS Justin and Alexis via YouTube

One fan said, “NO. NO WAY. Don’t do it. Pets are not disposable and he had it since it was born.”

Another said, “Nope. Don’t do it Justin. She’s been by your side longer than Alexis. Accidents happen. Learn to grow and work through it. Work with the Dogs. Stay strong Justin.”

However, Alexis has said she wants Mya to go away if things don’t get better. Justin said that wouldn’t be an easy decision. Alexis replied telling him that she thought the decision had been made. He pointed out how he’d had the dog since birth and that it would not be easy.

Alexis said, “If Mya is going to continue to be aggressive, I am not going to stay anywhere where I don’t feel safe, so I will not be with Justin.”

What happened to Mya?

Obviously, the season is still airing. However, MAFSfan Instagram account has shared some spoilers about what allegedly happened with Mya.

Fans heard Alexis say that Mya was going to training camp for two weeks in hopes of making her less aggressive. If she was still aggressive after the two weeks then Mya would go live with one of Justin’s friends or family members.

According to the post, this is allegedly exactly what happened. Justin got his dog back sometime after decision day.

What do you think about this situation? Do the MAFS newlyweds even have a chance anymore?



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