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Lifetime’s ‘Secrets Exposed’ Continues LMN’s Stranger Danger

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Lifetime’s Secrets Exposed continues LMN’s Stranger Danger. This thriller stars Carrie Schroeder, Madison May Crawford, Rachel Thundat, and Russell Quinn Cummings.

Kelly Peters (The Loving Spoonful, Christmas In Pine Valley), and Amy Katherine Taylor (Malicious Mind Games, Lethal Love Triangle) wrote the script, with Mike Hoy (Deadly Dating Game, Claire) directing.

What is Lifetime’s Secrets Exposed About?

Ready for a new Stranger Danger thriller? According to the Lifetime synopsisJoanna is a single mom who decides to surprise her daughter, Lizzie, at college. 

However, Joanna arrives on campus but does not find Lizzie because she is missing. Joanna starts to search for clues in her daughter’s dorm room. She is shocked to find out that Lizzie took a job as a cam girl. This is to help offset college costs. But, Lizzie is nowhere to be found.

When Joanna discovers Lizzie’s co-worker has been killed in her apartment, she reports the murder and her daughter’s disappearance to the police but is dismissed because the girls are sex workers.

Now, Joanna is outraged. She turns to Zoey, who is a fellow student, to help her. They quickly learn that there is a connection between Lizzie and the other cam girl. They each had a top subscriber called Paul.

As Joanna sifts through Lizzie’s computer, she becomes convinced Paul is responsible for her daughter’s disappearance. Finally, will Joanna be able to figure out the puzzle in time to save her daughter?  

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Secrets Exposed?

The premiere of Secrets Exposed is on Thursday, August 25, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN. Additionally, you can stream it the next day on the Lifetime website.

Secret Lives Of College Escorts Kicks Off LMN Stranger Danger

The Bold And The Beautiful’s Ashley Jones directs the first movie of the night, Secret Lives Of College Escorts. This stars Pilot Paisley-Rose, Laurie Fortier, Briana Cuoco, and Chasty Bellesteros.

This Lifetime movie airs at 6 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

According to the LMN synopsis, Eve is a 19-year-old college student who makes a life-changing mistake. Her friend convinces her to sneak out for a night of wild partying. However, things go very wrong, because her gal pal winds up dead!

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

Now, Eve has lost her college athletic scholarship. How will she afford school? Turns out, she can. That is because she meets Carla, a successful event planner.

Carla has the “perfect job” that will allow Eve to earn the money she needs for her classes. However, Eve soon discovers this job is nothing better than a sugaring scheme. Moreover, she is in the same dangerous territory that killed her friend!

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

Close Out LMN Stranger Danger With Nobody Will Believe You

Don’t miss Lifetime’s Nobody Will Believe You. This stars Jenna Rosenow, Emily Topper, John Wright, Lowrey Brown, and Lauren Ledger.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Melanie and her teenage daughter Hannah had a tough year. Now, they are ready for a fresh start.

Hannah, a budding pianist, is eager to fit in at her new school. However, the popular kids are not kind to her, and she winds up being an outcast. But, it gets worse!

After that, someone hacks her phone and leaks her private photos. Finally, Hannah does get school counseling for the constant bullying, but the situation is still very rough. More so, Melanie worries about her daughter.

Worst of all, a stranger is now stalking Hannah, and the danger is closer than she ever imagined. These sound incredible but will you be watching?

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