Fans Suspect Kody Brown Has Little To Do With Why Meri Stays

Meri, Christine, and Kody Brown from TLC

Over time, Sister Wives fans have seen Kody Brown fall out of love with most of his wives. They seem to simply tolerate one another, but there’s no real love there. These days, he seems to only have eyes for Robyn.

Christine chose to leave the family, so why don’t the other wives follow suit? In the past, Meri said she would never leave Kody, no matter what happens. However, fans are starting to believe her reasons for staying have little to do with true love.

Why does Meri choose to stay married to Kody Brown?

For several years now, Sister Wives fans knew that Meri and Kody Brown didn’t have much of a marriage. She may have been his first wife, but she was never really the favorite. So why is she still around?

“Yet I still don’t understand why Meri doesn’t leave Kody. He has been treating her like sh** for years now,” a Redditor wrote online. “She just lets him do that, I know she doesn’t what to give up on their marriage, but I feel like Kody has already given up fully and apart of her has to secretly. My Mom’s also a fan of the show and we watch it together. My Mom speculated that she’s staying because of sobbyn Robyn’s kids because of how much she adores Ari and Solomon.”

Meri and Kody Brown from TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

“Pride? Fear of the afterlife otherwise? The chance in hell she’s got?” another user chimed in. “Maybe she feels like Robyn does want to be the sole wife, and wants to stick it to her? Traumatized by catfish? She’s just institutionalized, hard to shake ideologies.”

“I mean if you think about it, what’s her alternative? At least there she has a family. She’s not a spring chicken either and starting over sucks, especially if you don’t have to,” someone else added. “Yes, her romance with Kody is over but if she leaves there do you think TLC will follow her?”

The answer to the final question was very clear — no one really believed that Meri would get any sort of spinoff like Christine did with her cooking show. Meri may actually have to stay with the family for security.

How much will Season 17 focus on Meri?

Sister Wives Season 17 will be here on September 11. Based on footage from the trailers, it’s pretty clear that the new season will focus on the demise of Kody and Christine’s marriage. So will Meri get much screen time at all?

Meri Brown/TLC
Meri Brown/TLC

Although Meri probably won’t be the focus of the season, fans can still see her crying over Christine’s departure in the teasers.

Since Christine left the family, Meri has seemed a little bitter towards her former sister wife. Is it because she feels hurt that Christine left the family? Or is Meri just jealous that Christine managed to finally leave Kody’s mistreatment? Whatever happens, fans will get to see all the drama unfold starting September 11.

Stay tuned for more Sister Wives news! Check back and see what Kody Brown and the wives are up to next.

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