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Hallmark’s Ryan Paevey Will Never Work With ‘Crazy Guys’ Anymore

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On Wednesday, Ryan Paevey went to social media to update the Paevey Pack about what is going on in his world, and “some things that I’m hearing about.” The Hallmark star shared his frustrations, hopes, enjoyment, and the reason why he will never do Christmas Con again.

What did he have to say?

Why Ryan Paevey Won’t Be At New Jersey Christmas Con

On Wednesday, Ryan Paevey went to Instagram Stories to share what is happening with him now. The General Hospital alum first shared that he would not be attending New Jersey Christmas Con.

I’m never ever gonna work for That’s 4 Entertainment again. Can’t work with crazy guys, I’m sorry. I hope your experience with those guys was better than mine.

However, the Unleashing Mr. Darcy star did not elaborate on why his experience was so bad.

It should be noted that Ryan later added another video clarifying that he will be working with the RomaDrama people again. “I love them to death.” He enjoys working with them, but he will not be working with That’s 4 Entertainment again. That is why he will not be at the New Jersey Christmas Con.

Photo: Ryan Paevey Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Michael Larsen
Photo: Ryan Paevey Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Michael Larsen

Ryan Paevey Warns Fans About Imposter Accounts

Next, the Two Tickets To Paradise star was very serious as he changed the subject to imposter accounts. These accounts are people who are pretending to be a celebrity.

Ryan started with, “I don’t have anyone working for me, that’s gonna send you a message.” He continued to emphasize that he only has one Instagram account. He does not have other accounts on What’s App or anywhere else. That is not him sending messages.

Please, please, please, please, please, please…do not give these people money.

To ensure that you are on the correct account, note a blue dot with a check inside right next to Ryan’s name, on his Instagram profile page.

What Is Latest News On Fortunate Wanderer?

The Paevey Pack is very familiar with one of Ryan’s passion projects. His business is Fortunate Wanderer. Ryan sells photos of his travels as well as makes bespoke jewelry, often with beautiful stones.

On Wednesday, he revealed he hoped to “pull off” two collections. Because he has been “doing life,” there will only be one collection.

Therefore, he promises to have “one big” collection. He will make that available in early December. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list. The multi-talented actor emails his subscribers before the collection is dropped.

Ryan Paevey Is On Cameo!

Did you know that Ryan Paevey is on Cameo? Moreover, he revealed that the “Cameo thing has been fun! I think I might keep it for a little bit. So, if that is your thing, give me a buzz.”

Will Ryan Paevey Be In 2022 Christmas Movie?

In his follow-up video, Ryan made it clear he loves to make Hallmark movies, and the bad convention experience was just the That’s 4 Entertainment.

Regarding Hallmark, he emphasized “I love them. They’ve been great to me.” As for making a new movie, he shared his hope that he will be doing a Christmas movie this year. “I’m hoping to be taking off to do one relatively soonish.”

However, it does not sound like he has been cast in anything yet.

What sort of Christmas movie would you like to see Ryan act in this year?

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  1. You are a great actor and I really enjoy watching your movies. Wishing you good luck in your upcoming movies. You never let your fans down. Thank you for entertaining my evenings.

  2. Ryan Paevey is truly one of the best and most enjoyable actors to watch on Hallmark. He has class, a beautiful smile and he is so handsome. He plays a great part in every movie he is in, and I just love watching him. He and Cindy Busby work so well together. Loved the Mr. Darcy movies and would love to see more of those. Please keep Ryan busy making movies……

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