‘Firefly Lane’ Season 2: Updates, Release Date, & Details

Popular Netflix drama series Firefly Lane premiered on the streaming platform on February 3, 2021, and immediately made its way into the viewers’ hearts. Given the exceptional ratings received by the series after Season 1, the show was renewed for another season in May 2021. Now Firefly Lane Season 2 is headed towards a worldwide premiere on Netflix in November 2022.

Firefly Lane Received Mixed Reviews From Critics

For fans that haven’t yet got a chance to watch the series, here is what the series encompasses. Based on a popular novel of the same name by US-based author Kristin Hannah, Firefly Lane is a story about friendship. This series is a moving depiction of two best friends & the problems they face throughout their lives & how their friendship expands over several decades. Although the show got mixed reviews from critics, the viewers were kinder to it. As per What’s On Netflix, Firefly Lane currently flaunts a whopping 7.4/10 rating.

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The drama series also made it to Netflix’s top 10 must-watch list. Moreover, it was also a part of the US top 10 for 36 consecutive days. Apart from this, the series performed exceptionally in the UK and the majority of Europe. That being said, what will Firefly Lane Season 2 bring to the audience?

Netflix Hasn’t Yet Revealed An Exact Premiere Date For Season 2

Although the series is sure to arrive in November 2022, an exact premiere date is yet to be announced. Talking about the series, Netflix’s VP of Original Series, Jinny Howe, mentioned, “It’s a really, really beautiful season, Katherine and Sarah, their dynamic is so, so strong, so I’m really excited to have fans return to that show.”

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Although it did take the makers a few months to confirm the renewal of the series after Season 1, Netflix officially confirmed on May 27, 2021, that the series is returning. The news was announced via Netflix’s social media platforms and YouTube, as well. The show’s lead actresses, Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigel answered several fan questions and made this official announcement.

Michael Spiller Is The Director For Firefly Lane Season 2

Apart from this, it has also been confirmed that Maggie Friedman will be returning as the showrunner for Season 2. Moreover, Michael Spiller from Scrubs and Modern Family fame will direct the upcoming season.

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Firefly Lane Season 1 has left out a lot from the novel to be covered, so there is a lot left from Tully and Kate’s story that can be a part of Season 2. More so, the novel Firefly Lane also has a sequel named Fly Away which adds more to the story. Fans that haven’t yet watched Season 1 can do so now on Netflix before Season 2 arrives in November.

Have you watched Firefly Lane Season 1? Are you excited about the upcoming season on Netflix? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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