Zach Shallcross, YouTube

Deeper Dive Into Zach Shallcross, Plus His Famous Uncle

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Fans love learning more about their favorite contestants on The Bachelorette like Zach Shallcross. Rachel Recchia is enjoying getting to know more about him during her and Gabby Windey’s season.

He talked to Bachelor Nation about everything from the celebrity couple that defined, “relationship goals,” to where he sees himself in five years. Some fans want him to be the next lead if he doesn’t make it to the end. Another hot topic among fans is if there will be two Bachelors just like there have been two Bachelorettes. Ethan Kang’s name has been thrown around as someone who would be a good lead as well.

Zach’s uncle Patrick Warburton showed up on the show to meet Rachel during the hometown date. He didn’t make a big deal about his “uncle Pat,” being one of the people she’d meet. Warburton is famous for his roles in Seinfield and Rules of Engagement. He is also a popular voice actor.

Learn More About Zach Shallcross

Zach Shallcross told Bachelor Nation the best relationship advice he’s ever gotten is to, “love and accept your partner for who they are.” He chose Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman as the celebrities that are relationship goals. When it comes to food he says his hidden talent is making the best biscuits and gravy, plus a taboo topic, mustard on pancakes is good. His last meal on earth would be everything on the In-N-Out menu and his guilty pleasure is ordering a burger everywhere.

Zach Shallcross, YouTube
Zach Shallcross, YouTube

The screen saver on his phone is his dog Twix and the most inspiring person in his life is his father. Zach shared that, “he lived a tough life growing up, and despite that, he became an incredible father and husband.” Zach offered this advice for anyone going on the show, “be open and willing to truly find love. It’s incredibly possible but only if you let yourself.”

He’s A Christmas Movie Fan

When Zach Shallcross was asked what famous person slid into his DM’s he said, Patrick Warburton. He said his uncle’s favorite role for him is Kronk on The Emperor’s New Groove and Joe from Family Guy. Speaking of celebrities his crushes are Dua Lipa and Jessica Chastain. Elf with Will Ferrell is the movie he has rewatched the most.

He said his favorite thing about the show was, “All the incredible experiences shared with Rachel and the guys across the world!” But his favorite experience, “had to be Rachel and I’s movie premiere date with Karamo.” What do you think about Zach Shallcross? Is he the one for Rachel? If he isn’t would you like to see him as The Bachelor? Would two Bachelors be better than one? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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  1. Oh yes, please let Zach be the next bachelor. He resembles what bachelor’s used to be and act like. A gentleman. Now find him a lady deserving.

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