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Courtney Waldrop Seeks Extra Prayers From Fans

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Courtney Waldrop took to Instagram to seek extra prayers from fans on behalf of Layke, Tag, and Blu. To be more specific, she wanted prayers for the teacher responsible for wrangling her energetic fireballs during school hours. The Sweet Home Sextuplets’ mother shared a chaotic video of Layke, Tag, and Blu demonstrating why she sought extra prayers. The video also painted a clear picture as to why Courtney and her husband Eric spend so much time at the ER.

Courtney Waldrop seeks extra prayers, why?

The TLC mother busted Layke, Tag, and Blu in a very relatable “boys being boys” moment in their big brothers’ room. The video revealed Layke, Tag, and Blu dancing and striking poses on top of a bunk bed before jumping off of the bed and landing on something soft. Courtney admitted in the caption she was pretty sure Blu was the mastermind behind this dangerous activity.

She penned: “I walked into the big boys room to find them doing this. I’m pretty sure this was BLU’S idea because it looks like he had some time to perfect his dance moves before he jumps.”

Courtney Waldrop - Instagram
Courtney Waldrop – Instagram

Courtney added that she needed fans to say some extra prayers on behalf of the teacher that has to wrangle these boys at school. She, however, clarified the teacher has reassured her that the boys are well-behaved at school.

She continued: “They are stinken messes!! But she assures me they are really good at school!! That’s all I ask for!!”

You can click here to watch the video on Instagram.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans react to silly video

In the comments, Sweet Home Sextuplets fans were HERE for Blu’s dance moves just before he jumped off the bed. Most fans agreed the boys were just “being boys” in this video. Some fans added they were always happy to send up a few prayers on behalf of Courtney and her beautiful children. Here’s what some other fans had to say:

  • “I loved this! Boys having so much fun. The smiles and Irish dancing feet”
  • “I just showed this to my 3 year old son and he said OH MY! I asked him if he’d ever do that and he said No way, that is scary!! Hahaha.”
  • “Better than your roof! But watch out that could be next! Lol!”

Have you had a chance to watch the chaotic video yet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sweet Home Sextuplets.

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