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Christine Brown Wants A Man Who Actually Loves Her

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Christine Brown of Sister Wives appears to be throwing some shade at her ex-husband Kody in her latest interview. The TLC personality recently told all in a lengthy interview with People Magazine. As TvShowsace has previously reported, Christine admitted she’s ready to date, she wants intimacy, and she isn’t interested in polygamy anymore. Turns out, the one thing Christine Brown wants more than anything else is real love. Now, Sister Wives fans can’t help but wonder if Christine was throwing some shade at her ex-husband Kody and suggesting he never really loved her.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Youtube
Sister Wives – Kody Brown – Christine Brown – Youtube

Did Kody Brown ever really love Christine?

Sister Wives fans believe Kody Brown did love Meri at one point in time because she was his first wife. Fans also believe that when Kody met Robyn he lost the love he had for any of his other wives. Fans watched as Kody would light up and get giddy while talking about Robyn. Even Paedon Brown admits his father found his soul mate in Robyn. And, he couldn’t fault him for that.

Sister Wives fans, however, have serious doubt that Kody Brown ever loved Janelle or Christine. Fans believe Janelle and Christine were just trophies he added to his collection. Notches in his belt. Kody had openly admitted in their book there were parts of Janelle he found repulsive. Some fans wonder of Kody Brown just got bored with Meri and brought Janelle and Christine into the marriage as a way to spice things up for himself.

Regardless of what is and isn’t true, fans don’t believe Kody Brown ever really loved Christine. They, however, don’t deny that Christine Brown did love Kody at one point in time. He, however, seemingly took advantage of that love. He used it. And, he left her crushed.

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She hopes to find a man to love her

Speaking with People Magazine, Christine Brown admits she isn’t ready to make a splash in the dating pool just yet. She, however, enjoys thinking about it. The TLC personality plans to do things differently this time around. She wants to find a man that wants only her. She wants intimacy. And, most importantly, she wants “real love.”

Overall, Sister Wives fans are here for this interview and believe Christine is gorgeous and will have no trouble getting what she wants in life.

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