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Christine Brown Says NEVER Going Back To Polygamy

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One big question Sister Wives fans had is whether Christine Brown was done with her husband Kody or if she was done with polygamy entirely. Did she want to find a new husband and new sister wives? Or, was she tired of having to share her man with other women? Among fans, there was some chatter that Christine could be an appealing catch for any couples looking to land on television. In that same regard, however, she could also be very offputting to those who don’t want to be in a spotlight.

During a recent interview with People Magazine, Christine Brown finally shed some light on her future plays as far as polygamy is concerned. Is she in or is she out? Keep reading.

Christine Brown DONE with polygamy

During her interview, Christine Brown made it clear she doesn’t plan to spend the rest of her life being single. She, however, is done sharing a lover. She wants a man that wants her and no one else. She wants a man that will sweep her off her feet and throw down in the bedroom. Christine explained there needed to be a chemical attraction between her and her future lover.

Ending her interview, she shut down any possibility of her exploring more polygamy. Turns out, she’s not just done with Kody. She’s done with that lifestyle. Christine admitted that a polygamy marriage was all she ever wanted when she was growing up. She got it and she was happy with it for a while. But, things change.

Christine Brown tells People Magazine she will spend the rest of her days being monogamous and she will find herself a man that is supportive of that.

Sister Wives from TLC

Fans think Christine will find a new man

Sister Wives fans have officially dubbed Christine Brown the “hot wife” of the series. Fans agree dumping Kody looks incredible on her and he really missed out. Sister Wives fans agree that between Christine’s looks, personality, and her story… That she’ll have no trouble finding a special someone to have in her life when the time is right. For now, however, it doesn’t sound like Christine is ready to jump right into the dating game. She, however, wants it to be clear that she’ll never be in another polygamy relationship again.

Do you think Kody Brown is the reason Christine no longer wants polygamy? Did he ruin it for her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Yes, I do think Cody ruined polygamy for Christine. Once they left Vegas, he became controlling and a male chauvinist. The sisters are pretty strong personalities. Each of them has been disappointed in how Cody parents. I think they all see it. How would one give equal time to 19 children and still have time and energy for the wives.

  2. Cody isn’t in polygamy anymore he only has one wife he lives with and one wife he sleeps with .so you can’t call that polygamy .and he just started a business with just Robyn Merri and Genelle take your money for the land and run.

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