Adam Busby Gets Emotional Over Daughters

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It had been just shy of a week since the last time Adam Busby posted on his Instagram profile. OutDaughtered fans found this a bit shocking as the TLC father is usually pretty active on his profile. Turns out, the father-of-six was feeling a bit lost in his emotions. And, he decided to share them with his followers.

Adam Busby gets choked up on emotions

The Outdaughtered father admits it feels like the past few weeks have just flown by. He adds that he’s tried to do his best to capture all of these precious moments with his children. He, however, recognizes that he hasn’t been the best at sharing with his fans in the past week. In the comments, fans were quick to remind him that he doesn’t owe anyone anything. If Adam Busby doesn’t want to share photos and videos of his girls on Instagram, he doesn’t have to. Feeling a bit emotional, he decided to share a few photos from the past few weeks as he updated his fans.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

Turns out, Adam Busby was feeling something that all parents find relatable. He was feeling the pressure of time. He admitted the saying that people always say about the days being long and the years being fast was ringing more true than ever. He couldn’t believe his quints were heading off to second grade. And, he really couldn’t believe his gorgeous daughter Blayke was all the way in junior high.

He penned: Boy, i feel like the last few weeks have just flown by. As a dad, I’ve just been trying to take it all in and capture it, but haven’t been the best at sharing.”

It’s so crazy that these little ones are already off to second grade and Blayke is now in Junior High! The saying is definitely true. The days are long but the years are short.”

OutDaughtered fans shared his feelings

In the comments, fans of OutDaughtered shared Adam’s feelings of being overwhelmed by how much the girls had grown. Fans admit they couldn’t believe how grown up the girls were looking in these photos. Moreover, fans wanted to thank Adam for finding the time to continue to share any pictures with them at all as he didn’t have any obligation to do so.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

Do you understand what Adam Busby is currently going through? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Adam Busby and his girls.

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