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Who Is Bravo’s New ‘RHONY’ Younger Housewife Lizzy Savetsky?

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The rumors of the RHONY cast reshuffle have been on for quite some time. Ever since Season 13 ended on September 7, 2021, fans have been wondering whether the upcoming season will have new faces. And, it seems like the rumors might actually be true. Glimpses of the new cast have started emerging, and one among them is Lizzy Savetsky.

Lizzy Savetsky Is A Popular Instagram Influencer

The mother of three will be a part of the rebooted show and is married to Dr. Ira Savetsky, a popular plastic surgeon. She is also a verified influencer on Instagram & often posts about her Jewish faith. But, who is she? What does she do?

Lizzy Savetsky YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Lizzy is a big-time fashion influencer who currently lives in New York. She has more than 201,000 followers on Instagram due to her unique fashion choices. She also shares her knowledge of the Yiddish language with her followers while giving occasional sneak peeks into her family life.

RHONY’s New Face Lizzy Struggled With Alcoholism

Although her life on social media seems near-perfect, it really isn’t. The dark-haired beauty has struggled with alcoholism in the past and has overcome her addiction. During an interview, the fashion influencer revealed that she last drank on July 31, 2021. She also talked about how she backed out while hosting guests at her home for Shabbat. Her husband’s disappointed look thereafter pushed her to seek some help.

She explained, “It was Shabbat afternoon. I started drinking at the synagogue and then continued at home. We were having guests over, and I blacked out while hosting. I don’t remember anything until I woke up the next morning.”

RHONY Lizzy Savetsky YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“But the look on my husband’s exhausted face said it all: I’m tired. I’m tired of lying to the kids and to your parents. I’m tired of enabling you by covering up this garbage… And I can’t do it anymore. In that moment, I realized I could lose everything. That’s when I was willing to hand everything over to God and give this battle my all,” the mother of three gave further insights into what pushed her to seek help.

Priya Shukla Might Also Join The New RHONY Reboot Cast Lineup

As per Page Six, Lizzy isn’t the only new RHONY housewife. Vera Wang’s SVP of global communications, Priya Shukla, is also a possible housewife to be a part of the reality series.

Priya Shukla Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

An insider revealed the thought process behind the new reboot show. They said, “Bravo found people aren’t responding as well to the constant bickering and fighting of the [previous] cast. They’ re hoping that this new cast will be a bit more inspiring and attract the younger audience.”

As per the insider, the new cast lineup includes women who are strong in the influencer space & have more aspirations.

Do you think Bravo‘s new cast lineup can help with the show’s ratings? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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