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‘One Piece Film: Red’ Continues Its Winning Streak For Third Week

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One Piece Film: Red continues to top the charts for the third week in a row. The anime movie bagged about 818,323,600 Yen ($5.9 Million) during its third weekend, with more than 6.65 Million tickets sold. The cumulative earning of the One Piece franchise movie is about 9,281,365,450 Yen ($67.55 Million).

One Piece Film: Red Undefeated Japanese In Theaters

In its opening week, the movie ranked number one at the Japanese box office. The anime sold a whopping 1.58 Million tickets & earned about 2.254 Billion Yen ($16.7 Million) in just two days. The movie earned about 78 percent more within the first two days of its release as compared to One Piece Stampede three day earnings. While One Piece Stampede opened on Friday, One Piece Film: Red made it to the screens on a Saturday. Regardless, even with a two-day earning window, One Piece Film: Red took over its predecessor.

One Piece Film: Red YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As per Anime News Network, the movie has now become the franchise’s highest-earning and highest-selling film installment. The film premiered in Japan on August 6, with IMAX screenings in 27 theaters across Japan alongside regular screenings. The movie also had 4DX, MX4D, & Dolby Atmos screenings on its opening day.

Crunchyroll Licensed For One Piece Film: Red‘s Global Release

For international fans, Crunchyroll will theatrically screen the movie in Canada, New Zealand, the United States, and Australia this fall.

The screenings will be available in both Japanese audio + English subtitles and an English dub. One Piece Film: Red has the musical Uta as the central character. Voice actor Ado has lent her voice for Uta’s songs and has also performed the movie’s theme song ‘Shinjidai’ or ‘New Genesis.’

One Piece Film: Red YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Directed by Goro Taniguchi from the Code Geass fame, the movie has been a massive success in Japan, serving as a preview of its worldwide success. Tsutomu Kuroiwa wrote the movie’s screenplay & the One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda chairs the position of the executive producer.

Uta Is Red-Haired Pirate Shanks’ Daughter

One Piece‘s official synopsis reads:

“Uta —the most beloved singer in the world. Renowned for concealing her own identity when performing, her voice has come to be described as ‘otherworldly.’ Now, for the first time ever, Uta will reveal herself to the world at a live concert. As the venue fills with all kinds of Uta fans—excited pirates, the Navy watching closely, and the Straw Hats led by Luffy, who simply came to enjoy her sonorous performance—the voice that the whole world has been waiting for is about to resound. The story begins with the shocking fact that she is Red-Haired Shanks ‘daughter.'”

One Piece Film: Red YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Fans have also noted that the movie’s central character is eerily similar to some of Naruto’s biggest villains, Madara Uchiha and Obito. Her ideologies resonate with these two villains, given her unique background and her relationship with Shanks.

Are you excited for One Piece Film: Red‘s worldwide release? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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