‘Unexpected’ Emiley Noack’s Social Media Vanishes, Fans Baffled

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Unexpected fans love to keep up with former cast members. Most of the time, social media is a great forum for updates and information. As of late, that was how fans kept connected with Emiley Noack from Season 2. Unfortunately, it appears that her Instagram has vanished into thin air. What is the reason for that? Viewers have some speculation regarding this situation.

Unexpected Alum Emiley Noack’s Instagram Disappears

Social media is huge for fans of the hit TLC reality series. They are able to see what has transpired once the cast stops filming. Emily Noack has not been on for some time. Still, she communicated with her fans about her life and they got to see her daughter. Sadly, when some viewers went to go search for her on Instagram, the user was no longer found. Finally, they took to Reddit for answers.


  • “She has a Instagram under the name emiley.noack with the bio “for friends and family only””
  • “Probably was over social media.”
  • “Emiley was one of the girls I felt grew up from her time on the show so I’m a bit shocked to see her social media taken down.”
  • “Good! It’s about time.”
  • “Probably bc she was feeding a dog beer in a photo.. I unfollowed her right after will not lie”
  • “Interesting. Wonder why”

Someone suggested the possibility of Emiley getting hacked as that has been happening a lot on all social media forums. However, there is no concrete answer as to where she actually went. Another believed there were a few other girls from the show who could actually benefit from leaving social media. So, what could have led to this if not a hacker situation?

Any Other Reasons?

As far as fans had known, the Unexpected alum had been living a relatively decent life. She had a new boyfriend, Hunter after things ended between her and Diego Reyes. Luckily, they were able to be amicable, and recently, he got married. However, Emiley had made one questionable choice that caught her a lot of heat. She posted a photo of her “sharing” a beer with her pup. Though she just had the tip of the top of the bottle near its mouth, some fans were up in arms.


They could not believe she would do that. “That is called ABUSE,” one person commented. Similarly, another added: “People are immature and think it’s cute to pose their pets and children doing inappropriate things. Even if the dog didn’t have a drop of it, it’s still unnecessary and trashy AF.” So this scrutiny could have been enough to have made her want to take a brief hiatus. Either way, fans are very curious to find Emiley.

Why do you think the former Unexpected star took a break? Let us know in the comments.

Amanda Nowitz

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