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‘RHOA’ Drew Sidora’s Husband Ralph Pittman’s Net Worth 2022

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Drew Sidora and her husband Ralph Pittman starred in Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 13 back in 2020. The couple had been married for six years before they became a part of the reality show. Ever since RHOA fans have been wondering who Ralph is and what he does to make a living. Ralph is a multi-talented individual who can be described as an entrepreneur, composer, producer, advisor, and much more.

Drew Sidora’s Husband Ralph Pittman Owns My Mind Music

Ralph is the CEO and founder of My Mind Music. He also studied Music Theory & Business Economics at Rutgers University. His company, My Mind Music, is a music enrichment and wellness brand based in America that uses the effects of music for therapeutic purposes. Not just that, being an artist himself, Ralph has composed and produced music for his brand’s kid’s segment. He has also contributed to several television and film productions.

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Pittman has also been an advisor to several Fortune 500 companies for a term of 15 years. Given his work experience, fans often wonder what his current net worth is. As per The Sun, Pittman’s net worth in 2022 is approximately $2 Million. A majority of his fortune comes from his time as an advisor to Fortune 500 companies and via his work in music.

Talking about his work, he said, “Music enhances sleep because of its effects on the regulation of hormones, including the stress hormone cortisol. Listening to music decreases levels of cortisol which helps release stress.”

RHOA Husbands Are Not Paid For Their Appearance On The Show

Although Pittman has been a part of RHOA with frequent appearances, his net worth mentioned above is unrelated to his stint as a reality star. As per sources, the Real Housewives makers do not pay the husbands for their appearance on the show.

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Sidora and Pittman are still together despite their ongoing issues. However, the couple is trying to process the problems in the marriage via counseling sessions. Yet, fans think that Sidora should end her relationship with Pittman.

RHOA Drew Sidora Admits Her Marriage Isn’t Perfect

In an interview, Sidora talked about her marriage and her struggles with her husband. She explained, “Yes, he can be an a–hole. He admitted to that, he has owned his junk. But, he is who he is. And he showed me other things. So, we are actively in counseling because I’m not going to sit here and act like our marriage is perfect. We are working to be better.”

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Ever since their RHOA debut, the couple has been dealing with several roadblocks in their marriage. Troubles started when Ralph went on a trip to Tampa. However, much is not known about what went on during this trip. Drew shares her eldest son Josiah with her ex-husband, who was in prison. But, his return to her son’s life also added to her marital troubles. Plus, she also suffered from an Achilles heel injury that didn’t make things easier for her.

Do you think Drew and Ralph should end things? Or should they keep trying to save their marriage? Finally, were you surprised by learning about Ralph’s net worth? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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