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‘LPBW’: The Real Reason Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Quit?

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Jeremy and Audrey Roloff made the decision to quit LPBW back in 2018. At the time, the couple told fans they had personal endeavors they wanted to embark on. They also expressed wanting to focus on their family more than a reality TV filming schedule allowed them to do.

Little People, Big World fans, however, have always wondered if that was the real reason they decided to walk away from the show. In recent chatter on Reddit, fans discuss theories and the real reason why they think Audrey and Jeremy Roloff left the show.

Audrey Roloff - Jeremy - LPBW
Audrey Roloff – Jeremy – LPBW

Why did Jeremy and Audrey Roloff quit the show?

On Reddit, fans speculate Audrey Roloff was who ultimately decided the couple would walk away from the show. As those who watched episodes of the show featuring Audrey and Jeremy know, she wasn’t exactly painted in a positive life. Some fans note she came off as a monster who only seemed to care about herself and things involving her.

A few LPBW fans speculate production may have decided Audrey was the bad guy of the family and edited episodes to make her look worse than she actually was. These same fans believe Audrey and Jeremy got sick of the way they were edited to look, so they walked away. Fans also believe Jeremy and Audrey were not really free to be themselves while under TLC’s thumb.

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One fan penned: “I’m pretty sure Jeremy and Audrey quit the show because of how bad it made Audrey look. They edited it to make her look like a huge b***h and she was always copying Tori.”

“I think Jeremy and Audrey also weren’t allowed to talk about their religion or their beliefs really on TLC and they quit so they would be able to write books and really push their agenda,” The individual continued.

While many fans put emphasis on the fact that they just don’t care for Audrey and Jeremy, they wonder if production edited them to look worse than they actually were.

Do you think Audrey and Jeremy Roloff left the show because they weren’t happy with the production? Or, do you think they really just reached a point where they didn’t want to film anymore? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on the Roloff family.

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