‘LPBW’: Did Matt Roloff Actually Cheat On Amy With Caryn?

Amy Roloff - Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler- youtube

Matt Roloff and Amy of LPBW are very much not together anymore. Matt Roloff is happily in a relationship with Caryn Chandler. And, Amy Roloff is happily married to Chris Marek. Still, fans rewatching the series can’t help but want to dissect what went wrong between Amy and Matt.

One big question fans have is really simple. Was Matt Roloff unfaithful to Amy when they were still together? More specifically, did he cheat on Amy with Caryn before they split up?

Matt Roloff/Caryn Chandler/Amy Roloff/Chris Marek/Instagram
Matt Roloff/Caryn Chandler/Amy Roloff/Chris Marek/Instagram

Did Matt Roloff cheat on Amy with Caryn?

In a Reddit thread, one fan admitted they were a bit out of the loop. They, however, wondered if it had ever been confirmed that Matt Roloff cheated on Amy with Caryn.

“Is it known that Matt was cheating on Amy with Caryn? Physical? Emotional? Or are we just really sure?” The individual asked.

In response to the question, one individual noted that Amy Roloff opened up about inappropriate text messages Matt and Caryn shared. Another fan clarified Amy opened up about the texts in her book. She, however, did not name Caryn specifically. She simply mentioned the text messages weren’t necessarily ones she thought someone who was married should be sending.

The fan also added that a verified insider did an AMA on Reddit and claimed Matt had an affair with Caryn for nine years.

Matt Roloff - Amy Roloff LPBW - Youtube
Matt Roloff – Amy Roloff LPBW – Youtube

Another fan chimed in: “At the very least, Matt was having an emotional affair. To me, that’s still very painful and I would ask for a divorce based on that alone.”

A different fan added: “He cheated for sure. Amy said as much in her book only she didn’t name Caryn, she said that it was someone who had worked on the farm for a long time. She was tipped off to the affair after finding ‘inappropriate’ texts.”

A separate LPBW fan pointed out that Amy and Matt didn’t live in a very big town and rumors he was unfaithful spread through the town like wildfire.

Do you think Matt Roloff was unfaithful to Amy? Did he cheat on her with Caryn? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on the Roloff family.

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  1. Amy wanted out of the marriage. It wasn’t Matt. She did’t feel like she was getting enough attention. Matt didn’t cheat he wanted to keep the marriage going. I’m glad he has Caryn. He deserves to be happy.

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