‘Life After Lockup’: Shawn & Sara’s Wedding Ruined By Destinie?

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Life After Lockup has a big wedding ahead. Sara Issacs is ready to marry Shawn Osborne but she can almost sense something in the air. Will his ex-fiancee, Destinie Folsom really crash their big day? Read on to find out a spoiler for the upcoming episode.

Destinie Is Determined On Life After Lockup

A very pregnant Destinie Folsom has been determined to get what she wants and needs from her ex Shawn. They had an awful break-up and now, she is seeking revenge. She knows he is on the verge of getting married and happily ever after. Therefore, she is propelled to crash the wedding. That is unless he pays up for everything she deems he owes her. Destinie has a laundry list of things she believes she should get from Shawn. It culminates with the 50K bond that he held over her head. She took off from California to Ohio for the wedding and is presumably going to make a scene unless he gives her cash.

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Destinie is very pregnant but she and the baby daddy are no longer together. She needs baby stuff and has literally nowhere to turn. However, Shawn has yet to tell his fiancee, Sara, that Destinie was released from prison. So, as the wedding is just days away, she was still under the assumption that she had nothing to worry about. This was a vital error. The night before the wedding, both Shawn’s baby mama and Destinie arrived at his hotel. This could go very wrong.

Wedding Crasher?

Sara is not all that thrilled knowing that Shawn’s baby mama, Kelly is coming to the wedding. However, it was really the only way that some of his younger kids would attend. Sara does not know that Destinie is planning on crashing her big day mainly because she has no idea she’s out of prison. Will she be bold enough to crash the wedding? Starcasm did some research on the hotel that Shawn was staying at. As aforementioned, it appeared that both Kelly and Destinie had shown up at his hotel the night before the wedding. Did that really happen?

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No. Well, one of them did. When a comparison was done, Kelly definitely was at his hotel, waiting to go see him. As for Destinie, she was at a completely different hotel. In fact, she may not have even been in Ohio. It was questioned how she was even able to leave California if she was on parole. One theory was that she could have made the trip if she was being paid by the series, therefore, making it a work trip. Yet, if she could not leave, she could have just talked a big game but not have gone very far.

The preview for the season did show Sara running away from her own wedding so something big has to happen. What do you think it will be? Watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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