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’90 Day Fiance’ Star Yve Arellano Accused Of Domestic Violence

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In some shocking news, 90 Day Fiance star Yve Arellano faces domestic violence charges. These follow the text cheating scandal that just aired on the hit TLC reality series. However, Arellano’s reps say she did nothing wrong, and this seems very similar to an older 90 Day Fiance scandal.

Yve Arellano facing domestic abuse charges

In Touch broke the news that Yvette “Yve” Arellano faces charges of domestic violence during the entire text cheating scandal with her husband Mohamed Abdelhamed. Yve, 48, was charged on August 15 with one count of battery against a household member and one count of assault against a household member in Albuquerque, New Mexico, according to court records. Yve has a hearing scheduled for the bond arraignment on Tuesday, September 6.

While the court records prove what the charges against the 90 Days Fiance star are, her representatives deny she did anything wrong. In response to the news, they released a statement.

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“The domestic abuse allegations have been falsified by Mohammed,” the statement began. Mohammed and the woman he has been cheating on Yve with have discussed his options from the very beginning. They specifically discussed a U-Visa and how Mohammed could qualify for this just in case Yve found out about his indiscretions. The domestic abuse allegations are completely false and just a ploy to keep him in the US. Yve was not arrested on 8/15 or any other day. Yve has never been abusive toward Mohammed and just wants this chapter in her life to be done so she can move forward.”

Moreover, Yve’s reps said she was “not arrested,” but that does not mean she wasn’t charged with the abuse claims, which In Touch claims court records prove. The next step is the two sides giving their sides of the incident and the court delivering its decision.

This seems similar to an older 90 Day Fiance controversy

This entire scandal is similar to the Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima relationship. That situation saw Larissa accuse Colt of cheating on her via text messages and sending his photos to other girls. During this time, Larissa posted images of knocked-over shelves and flowers thrown about the room. Furthermore, she accused Colt of abusing her. However, police saw visible marks on Colt and none on Larissa and arrested her for the assault. If a person becomes a victim of domestic abuse, it can help them keep their green card and remain in the country.

In this current situation, Yve caught Mohamed talking to other women via text messages on his phone. Finally, Mohamed admitted to doing wrong in the tell-all. “I wanted to make that right, I texted these women, I told her ‘I am a married man. Please stop texting me anymore.’ I know I did wrong,” Mohamed said. “All I can do now is same story to my wife, and I promise her that will never happen again. I do love Yve, and she doesn’t deserve that. I’m trying to fix it.” Yve said it was “shocking, raw, disappointing,” and “saddening.”

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